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smt connector

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 22 10:56:41 EST 2002 | jax

Why are you unable to place this part with your Machine. Part to big? No pick up point( nozzle landing area )? No Feeder? Vision recognition? If we know why you can't place it, we might have a fix.

smt connector

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 22 13:16:04 EST 2002 | dougt

We place parts like this with a contact systems machine (3Z). The part comes on a reel and has a flat top on it (as mentioned above) that can be removed as soom as it comes out of the oven.

smt codes

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 14:27:18 EDT 2004 | russ

If you know the mfg. you can go to their website and they should have a list of coding that will show you the alphanumeric code scheme. The "striped part is definitely a tant 2.2 uF 16 V. The other if the coding is the same as the parts we use is a

smt trays

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 07 17:45:15 EST 2005 | russ

My thoughts on metal trays: One problem with a metal tray relating to ESD is its conductivity. Most trays are conductive but have resistance or a disipative nature. If you were to place a "charged" component into a metal tray that had an uncontrol

smt basics

Electronics Forum | Wed May 05 06:08:22 EDT 2004 | dhanashekar

hi in which part of india are you we are in contract manfactures we can help you to begin we can have the faclity to give you the reqired quanity if you want any questions please email id skandaae@vsnl.net we ar e located in bangalore thanks dhan

smt sizes

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 14:14:18 EST 2005 | dggjr

www.topline.tv has inch/metric parts too. 0201's being 0603's took some getting used to.

smt trays

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 04 08:42:26 EST 2005 | scotceltic

Thanks Dave, The reason I want to make one in-house is cost. This is not a standard part and after contacting a couple of vendors ($1,000 plus for first tray) I decided it would be much cheaper to do it in house with our CNC.

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 10:43:31 EDT 2015 | dazdoc1977

Cheers Rob, I thought that I wasn't far from the true answer....I figured that if we were to use a "first piece assembly " quote to get a first off through smt production, This would include start to finish process....e.g Programming to first board

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 09:52:56 EDT 2015 | rgduval

Seems like you've got it about right....though, it's a rather complex equation. Loaded labor cost is only a part of it, if you're trying to estimate down to the last cent. You have to account for energy utilization, space utilization in the factory

part orientation

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 18:10:55 EDT 2008 | jam2425

I'm building a circuit board by hand and can't identify pin 1 on a smt IC. I always determine this by the beveled edge, which this part has, but it also has an arrow on the opposite end, so now I'm unsure which one I should go by...help! Ok, got my

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