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tooling design

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 09:42:41 EST 2006 | Frank

Hi all, Having been designing (3d modelling and programming) stencils and tooling (solderwave carriers,print support etc) for several years I am now investigating whether it would be possible to do this from home. I live in the UK and am therefo

Dedicated stencil printer tooling

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 19:10:43 EDT 2023 | cyber_wolf

This machines support table looks similar to AP and UP machines. I believe MPM published the dimensions of the "H" tower that the dedicated plates bolts to. As far as the plate, they are typically (2) pieces with the inside hollowed out to allow for

finger print

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 23:00:18 EST 2007 | new guy

I'm a new guy in this field. I have a question about solder paste process. Is there any effect to the solderbility if we do a lot of contact to copper pad without using any insulation ( direct to the finger ). Where can i get information about smt pr

tooling holes as a fiducials???? or others???Help needed!!!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 09:18:13 EST 2006 | Chunks

For placement tooling holes should get you close. For screen printing pads are fine. Just turn off the post print alignment if doing 2D or 3D.

SMT solder reflow clamps, pushers and pullers for tooling

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 14:55:01 EDT 2012 | swag

DMI International

SMT solder reflow clamps, pushers and pullers for tooling

Electronics Forum | Fri May 04 16:22:21 EDT 2012 | wesm91229

Hi Tristian, I work at the 1st company listed- the link you posted is our website. We have updated our clamps for those type of SMT process carriers. Feel free to email me @ wmartin@gscusa.net or call 972-494-1911 and I can help you out. Sorry for

SMT solder reflow clamps, pushers and pullers for tooling

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 16 18:49:40 EDT 2012 | tris101

Hi guys, I'm looking for some tooling parts and I hope you can point me in the right direction. We design basic in house reflow Carriers to surport boards during reflow. I would like to add clamps to our designs but I can not locate any off the she

SMT solder reflow clamps, pushers and pullers for tooling

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 14:41:13 EDT 2012 | davef

Try: Equipment, Sldr pallet hdware clips * Summit Precision 5825 S 25th St, Phoenix AZ 85040 Dennis Miller 602-268-3550 summitprecision.com sales@summitprecision.com * Southco 210 N. Brinton Lake Rd, Concordville, PA 19331-0116; 610-459-4000 southco

smt machine of fuji machine nxtII

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 07:49:19 EDT 2008 | grantp

Hi, I just saw the new NXT machines at globaltronics in Singapore, and mostly they are faster. However what was interesting is Fuji shows a prototype of the new XPF machine, but it was called XPF-W which handles really large PCB's and uses the sam

Flux dip or solder print for CSP

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 03:17:10 EST 2017 | rob

Ok, that's small - I think you may need a special semi-conductor printer for this - positional accuracy on a "normal" SMT printer is no more than 20 micrometres from memory. In my semiconductror fab days we were printing with a positional accuracy

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