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SMT Plastics recycling

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 19:17:08 EST 2007 | mavtech

Currently looking for any and all viable options for recycling SMT trays, tubes and reels ( the SMT plastics). Several years ago SemiCycle supported all 3 packaging types, but currently only supports trays. Several vendors will support tray recycli

Emboss Carrier Tape recycling processes

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 02 07:28:46 EDT 2019 | woolland

Hi Proy I have been looking at a way to handle the waste SMT reels. The recycling company stopped taking them because of the labels were jamming up their machine. I see you grind your reels. What do you use to grind the reels? Stu.

Emboss Carrier Tape recycling processes

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 02 19:32:36 EST 2019 | proy

I have been grinding the smt reels to reduce space and recently found a company who will take my scrap for repurposing not landfill. It is not easy to get this into a proper stream unless you have a truck load. We probably send them 300lbs at a time

Re: IC tube recycling

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 20:10:28 EDT 1998 | Kathy Palumbo

| Can anybody tell me what to do with IC tubes when we are | done with them? Plastics companies want tons and we only | generate about one hundred pounds a month (guess). We | have been throwing them out... I got the recycling company to drop off

SMT Plastics recycling

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 20:58:10 EST 2007 | davef

Check with your component suppliers. For instance, look at the paragraph at the bottom of page 4 here: http://www.national.com/ms/PA/PACKING_CONSIDERATIONS__METHODS__MATERIALS_AND_REC.pdf We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the compa

Clear plastic SMT tapes - what plastic grade for recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 10:50:00 EDT 2014 | proy

Can anyone suggest what plastic type SMT tapes for mostly embossed/deep pocket tapes are for recycling? I am talking about semi clear type, for 16/24mm widths usually pocketed. The black tapes we get from our Tape and reel supplier are thermo forme

Clear plastic SMT tapes - what plastic grade for recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 15:52:36 EDT 2014 | davef

VTEK says …” Carrier tapes are made from three primary materials. (All are manufactured in accordance with EIA standards) 1 Polycarbonate is a black plastic material with excellent impact strength. It is used primarily for bare die and small form fac

lead free solder dross recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 19 20:04:06 EDT 2011 | warwolf

yeah I’ve tried to go down the road of internal recycling but the company carnt justify spending 20k on a machine that does it. Ah but where still onto it in other places though our SMT department has very minimal wastage on solder paste as we have b

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 18:41:54 EDT 2006 | SMT_CNC

It is a very simple practice to leave a leader when breaking down a setup. This way the next time you're going to use the reel there is about a foot of cover tape to use. Seems to work in our SMT production area. Max.

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 12:48:54 EST 2006 | krc

Pardon my ignorance on this subject but I gotta ask... When the SMT guys load partial reels, I'm told that they have to waste a few components in the process. It seemed obvious to me that there should be a kind of tape that can be added to the end

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