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smt production

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 13 14:50:29 EDT 2005 | rameshn

Dear Sir, We are manufacturing Computer Motherboards & Networking products (which are having 2 to 3 BGA Chips onboard) in our plant. we are having 2 nos of HELLER 1800W model Reflow Ovens. this model reflow oven is having 9 heating zones at both top

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 01 08:23:05 EDT 2015 | emeto

All you have to do is to go on the floor when the machines are running and see yourself what the speed is. All machines show this data and even more. Most machines show some statistical data too - you can dig a little bit into that and you will get y

smt production

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 02:47:27 EDT 2005 | grantp

Hi, It sounds like your a little new at profiling, and can be difficult to do well. We purchased a KIC profiler that has software that will take your profile data and tell you the best oven temperature settings and conveyer speed to use. You need

rating smt machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 01:24:28 EST 2007 | saiprasad

integrates the speed of a chip shooter & the multi function of an ic mounter in one unit. >very less vibration as compared to other machines. > easy operating system with WIN-XP

smt line - floor requirements

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 14 07:52:03 EDT 2015 | mun4o

Hi all, 2 weeks ago we installing a new P&P machine - chip shooter.But , after installation proved that vibration of the new P&P arе very strong.If I use mashine to 100% of the speed the machine vibrating and after 2-3 panels moving 3-5 mm.The machin

smt components vs. wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 11 11:42:26 EST 2002 | MikeF

Like Mark, I'm guessing your problem is with SMT parts on the top side, the solder is re-melting and some of the parts are moving around during when the board is being wave soldered. When I had some training on thru hole wave soldering way back when

When to implement high speed pick and place machines?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 04 21:07:16 EST 2014 | sarason

You should ask yourself a bunch of questions before you consider going down this path. The first being where are the bottlenecks in your existing line and is there anything you can do to eliminate or decrease there bottleneckness (made up word). I

how is the South America market for high speed pnp machine , why many usa clients want desktop pnp machine, mainl for rearch and

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 10:04:59 EDT 2015 | langkeauto2015

thanks for your keen analysis, totally agree with you. If we want to explore foreign market, find one reliable agent is necessary who is professional for led smt machines as you said, after all, the cost to establish branch office is higher , and eve

how is the South America market for high speed pnp machine , why many usa clients want desktop pnp machine, mainl for rearch and

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 05:54:41 EDT 2015 | langkeauto2015

Hi, Tsvetan, sorry for your bad experience for Chinese brand PNP machine. For your doubt, pls refer to my comment:) Our pnp machine is special for led tube, led panel, led strip, RGB strip, and led display screen PCB, and real working speed feedbacke

Run Fuji IP-1 at 100% speed?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 15 03:58:22 EDT 2006 | jgarver1

Bert, Let it fly. The machine was built to run at 100% speed for certain components. I recommend finding a copy of Fuji's "SMT Report" to help you with speed settings for different packages. You can control the head speed on a part by part basi

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