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Fuji yellow double splice tape

Fuji yellow double splice tape

Used SMT Equipment | Stencil Cleaners

yellow double splice tape(8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm) We have a large number fuji, yamaha,juki,philice,pansonic FEEDER,splice tape,stencial paper,nozzle and spare part availble for sale. pls contact us if you have interested. website:

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Hitachi Hitachi GXH-1S High Speed

Used SMT Equipment | Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

• Hitachi GXH-1S Direct Drive Modular Mounter • Included following standard accessories: o 4 Gantries, 4 Beams, 4 High Speed Heads o 4 x High Speed Nozzle Stocker system (4 Stockers and 8 Cases) o 48 x Standard Nozzle for chips. o 4 Bank Feeder


Panasonic Panasonic chip mounter CM202

Panasonic Panasonic chip mounter CM202

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

=1.0 ±50/Chip Cpk>=1.0 ±35/QFP Cpk>=1.0 ±50/Chip Cpk >=1.0 ±35/QFP Cpk >=1.0 Productive Highest Tact (CPH/sec) 25,000/0.144 19,000/0.189 7,200/0.5 Effectiveness Tact (CPH/sec) 17,000/0.21 14,000/0.26 5,000/0.72 PCB trans

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