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Re: What is the typical BGA substrate pad alloy

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 17:58:44 EST 1999 | Dave F

Dave: You should see a solder smudge on the gold plating where the ball was attached, if there is (was) solder reflow during either the (1) BGA fabrication, (2) your BGA attach, and / or (3) your BGA removal. You rework will not remove the solder

Solder bridging on IC leads

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 03:12:57 EDT 2010 | grahamcooper22

Possible route causes of bridging on fine pitch ICs are; too much paste (stencil aperture wrong), poor print quality (paste smudges during printing), pcb pads not flat depending on the solderable coating, paste has poor cold slump properties, too muc

Solder bridges on TQFP 100 part

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 18:00:56 EDT 2019 | orbitcoms

I am doing another run today. I'll check how central the machine is placing the components onto the pads. I wonder if the part is off slightly and smudges past across the pins? What about if the part is being placed too deep into the paste?

Need Quad IVC Help

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 11:19:02 EST 2005 | Steve C.

I would change the Quad Align cable. If you have a spare head board swap that out as well. Make sure your Quad Align lenses are clean. If the camera is smudged then you can have some problems aligning parts as well. Let us know what you find. Cheers.

MPM Accuflex questions and issues

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 10 10:08:04 EST 2018 | griinder

We recently acquired used MPM Accuflex. Immediately I noticed the live vision is mirrored. This makes it incredibly difficult to teach fiducials. I noticed some smudges on the lens, which leads me to believe the camera assembly was "worked on" at som

MPM Accuflex questions and issues

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 08:37:04 EST 2018 | dontfeedphils

The piece that splits the vision probably has smudges or scratches on it. You're able to teach a set of pads. Before teaching the fid, hit the "Draw Correlation Box" button (I think that's what it's called, it's been a couple years). Then draw a b

Making a BGA stand up

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 13 16:24:15 EST 2003 | russ

Youch! I know this is going to sound stupid but.... I have done it in the past in limited quantities. We placed capton (polyimide) tape at each of the four corners for a similar situation. It did work but the operator has to be careful in placing

Probe Mark during ICT

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 10:40:37 EDT 2012 | davef

I'm not aware of any such stipulation about witness [probe] marks for assembled boards, per se. Certainly, witness marks should not affect the intended performance of the assembly, you know, like damaging the solder connection or smudging solder mate

Re: SMD mounting height

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 25 19:40:01 EDT 1998 | Stan Traxler

| We have to mount our SMD devices 0.1 to 0.4 mm off the pcb | PCb substrate to compensate for thermal stressing in a | Space enviroment. Has any one any ideas or contacts for | dissolvable pads. this only applies to leadless components We have appl

Making a BGA stand up

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 16 03:43:42 EST 2003 | johnw

1st off for the forum folk, I don't like the fact that the new system only let's you see the posting your replying too, I'd rather be able to see the thread..... Anyhoo, why this alloy?, it's because it's the device manufacturers preferred and the c

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