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Anyone know what Solder lead use to connect Thermocouple wire to PCB?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 21 12:25:45 EST 2015 | dyoungquist

Kester makes a thermocouple solder: Alloy SN10PB88AG2 Flux "44" Core 58 Diam 0.031" I have used this to solder thermocouples to pcbs when profiling for lead-free temperatures. When done you can unsolder the thermocouple and reuse it again. This g

attaching thermocouples

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 16 16:43:47 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

O.K., I give up. I am through trying to solder thermocouples on to 20 mil pitch QFPs. Whether it's my lousy technique (fairly likely), the wrong solder (Kester calls it thermocouple solder, and who am I to argue...it's a Sn10Pb88Ag2 alloy) or just


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