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Sn/Ag Terminations with Sn/Pb Solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 18:44:13 EST 2001 | Todd Koeppel

If we procure parts with a Sn/Ag termination, can we still use standard Sn/Pb solder pastes and the current reflow and wave processes?


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 28 09:06:19 EDT 2009 | nibirta

Well the only spec is 10.88% flux, 89.12% metal. the problem is only at one specific capacitor we have this issue. Sn over Ni finish. Sn-Ag solder paste. I have read all the arhives from the site, but nothing explains me what is happening.everything

Gloves for conformal coat masking

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 19:41:12 EDT 2010 | jry74

Our employees use a knit style ESD glove when masking boards to prevent oils. They snag alot and bend leads and cause other problems. I have tried dipped palm but they are bulky and dont offer "feel". I tried a silky type but they had a huge seam

LGA Stencil Spec

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 11:32:44 EDT 2000 | bzark

Any opinion on what size aperture and stencil thickness is most optimum for Land Grid Array 1.27mm pitch with .6mm pad using SN/AG NC solder paste?


Electronics Forum | Tue May 05 11:08:43 EDT 2009 | timo

Check out the attached and compare your issue w/ the issue in the attached. If it's 'beading' versus 'balling' - check thru the punch list and if you've addressed all those potential causes - then it may be paste specific. The Sn/Ag alloy choice is

profiler for vapor phase

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 14:37:33 EDT 2011 | ldavis

We use the same profiler for convection and VP. For VP you just have to be very careful as the thermocouple wires must travel through the machine so cannot get "snagged" on anything as they go in or come out.

Using SAC 305 Solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 28 03:58:05 EDT 2011 | Jacki

Hi All My company is doing PCB assembly.To save cost, we change our wave solder bath from SnAg to SAC 305. What is the pros and cons for using SAC 305 solder? And,will affect to our quailty? Thanks in advance.

Tombstone defect

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 09:02:17 EDT 2003 | Kris

Hi SnAg is a binary alloy and does not have the same effect as a ternary SnAgCu alloy as far the pasty range is concerned. But then paste only can do so much. The best way to do it is to have proper pad design, controlled placement and reflow. I w

Use and Restrictions of solder containing lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 18:34:22 EDT 2003 | Kris

Hi, There have been other studies where it was found that lead-free soloder joints are more reliable than tin-lead solder joints irrespective of test conditions. In fact the automotive industry has been using Sn/Ag for underhood applications for a

Higher TG for PWB when soldering Lead Free (?)

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 11:42:05 EST 2004 | Jay

Sn-Ag, Sn-Sb, and Sn-Cu based lead free alloys have a higher melting point than that of Sn-Pb eutectic system. Thus, it will be better if you can use a higher TG PCB for lead free purpose. But, also most of commercial products including SAC can be

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