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Mix Pb and Pb free alloy

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 16:40:40 EDT 2006 | samir

Yikes! Sounds like a hairy situation there. I've successfully collapsed a Pb-Free BGA (using a Sn/Pb solder paste), with a peak temperature of 220 Deg. C and Time Above SAC's Eutetic point (217) of 17 seconds. Beware of overcooking your smaller ma

Solder beads and wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 09:25:47 EDT 2006 | nodlac

Here is a nugget from the Data Sheet... Wave Soldering: Excess moisture on the PCB during soldering may lead to random solder balling and poor wetting of some solder joints. IT IS IMPORTANT that the flux solvent carrier (water) is fully evaporated a

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 12:42:43 EDT 2015 | deanm

Sr. Tech, you are right in that there is no verification of the profile. We are a Class 3 high mix OEM. We have visual inspection after SMT. We have not seen problems with wetting, grainy solder, cold solder, charred boards, etc. that would indicate

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 18:55:20 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

This is one of the biggest mistakes with the Lead Free process. We have all listened to the 'industry experts' and followed their advice and unfortunately got it wrong. Keep the dwell times (dependant on alloy selection) the same as Leaded so you are

OSP finish and Omnix 5002 solder paste(SnPb)

Electronics Forum | Sat May 15 11:27:26 EDT 2010 | davef

We'd expect both OSP poor wetting and improper reflow recipe to show-up in more places than just this one component. But if those are the only choices, we'll go for 'wrong solder paste.' Ooops, that's not one of the choices. Ok, OK, we'll take poo

Lead Free and Leaded Process Mix

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 27 09:09:19 EDT 2005 | Bob R.

We've all been soldering Pb free parts for a couple decades. All your surface mount capacitors have probably had a Sn finish for years. Whenever one of our parts with a SnPb finish converts for Pb free we have the manufacturing site do a small buil

Re: qfp and soic joint Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 16:42:56 EDT 2000 | Chad Notebaert

I�m thinking �Poor intermatallic� It could be a few things. Lets start at the beginning. -Is your paste a 63/37 mixture? -Have you monitored you screen printing, Verify Solder deposition, Are you getting enough paste? -You say the solder looks like i

Re: High Temp Solders and their use

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 09:23:29 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

You are asking a very good question which has been an issue in the industry for a long long time. For operating at 225C, you will need a solder with melting point no lower than 270 or even 280C. HMP solder is very difficult to come by. At this stage,

0402 tombstoning and dewetting on QFP256 trade-off

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 06 10:50:21 EST 2009 | fountain42

Just my opinion but it look's like your doing a great job. i would try another paste. I'm somewhat lucky that we get to use OA's. If your stuck using the no-cleans they are so tempermental. (The nitrogen is making up for the poor paste) Your de-wetti

Indium No-clean and Inert Reflow oven (N2)

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 02 12:01:40 EDT 2002 | johnw

interesting, not at all what we were told so yes lot's of contradictions comming from them, I have to say personally I've not beein impressed with there technical service of late, are they getting complacent I ask? it's strange they say it'll cause

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