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Re: Tweezers

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 16:31:47 EST 1999 | SMTASSY

Yes Nancy when it comes to PLCC or anything bigger then Som, so16 we too use vacumm pens. The initial comment was regarding passive compoents. As for the fristch semi : the vision system is the only thing that is still being used for: 20 mil QFPs

Mydata vib feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 10:15:56 EST 2005 | blueflag

Dear All We are using a my12 also tp11 with VIB feeders we are having major problems with ics in tubes are there any machines available to convert ics up to so16 from stick to tape & reel and are the cost effective ?????? Thanks Colin

Fuji FIP3 Vibratory Feeders - Top plate & stoppers

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 11:38:54 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi All, Can anyone advise supplier for the above mentioned parts ? Type 1 & Type 2 i.e. for SO8 & SO16 type components. Or even better a drawing of each. aj...

SRSCM (air bag computer) parts identifications

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 09:01:26 EST 2022 | sarason

An NDS9936 is a SO-8 MOSFET since this is a SO-16, its likely to be 2, easier enough to chack by compareing the pin patterns. It is what you would expect on a board which is remote on a car harness, and has a control circuit. sarason

Re: Tape and Reel equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 17:09:05 EDT 2000 | Chris McDonald

We have A V-Tek using pressure sensitive cover tape but the only success that we have found is with SO-8, S0-14, SO-16 anything wider and the tape pulls apart when on our feeders. ANything over 16 wide is not recommened unless you get a heat sensitiv

Re-Reflowing PCB's

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 13 10:30:49 EDT 2003 | markhoch

PCB is 12.25" x 4". There are large MOSFETS on the board. Two large Electrolytic Caps. Two Large Multi-Layer Ceramic Caps. 15 C Size Tantalym Caps. A fair number of IC's, (SO-8's, SO-16's). No BGA's or finepitch of any kind. The board is double sided

Component Database and Placement List

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 23 06:50:06 EDT 2017 | spoiltforchoice

For package shapes/names I would recommend using manufacturer names. This is much safer than coming up with descriptive names like QFN32_5x5 as there are multiple 5mm 32Pin QFN shapes even when pitch is the same, this makes it safer to use a name in

Component Feeder Sizes

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 04:27:49 EDT 1998 | Terry Keen

I am involved in the purchasing decision (Technical side) of which placement machine to buy. One of the criteria we need to specify is how many feeders, and what sizes. I have a provitional parts list of a job that we are most likly going to build. T

AOI-problems lifted lead on qfp-100

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 05:30:59 EDT 2010 | patejl

Hi We have a problem here in the company with AOI system, most of the problem is lifted lead on qfp components.We are using SAKI BF-planet-x. Most of the defects like mising components 603 or 402 are no problem but if it comes to lifted lead even

Re: Double sided parts stuffing

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 18 09:34:58 EST 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

Hi Will, it�s possible to use second reflow for second side components without glueing or use of different alloy solders. Although the first soldered joints become liquid during the second pass the parts will not fall off as long as their weight does

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