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problems picking up PANASONIC ERJ-12ZYJ203U resister.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 11:39:38 EST 2017 | prdmm1

YES. I am having problems with all the Panasonic parts we use. I was wondering if this is common. I have checked the package and tool and everything. It is the larger Panasonic parts that give me issues. I will try to pick out of tape in the y wagon.

problems picking up PANASONIC ERJ-12ZYJ203U resister.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 09:54:25 EST 2017 | rgduval

Are you having any issues with other ERJ series resistors from Panasonic? Any other 2010 resistors? There is, very likely, something specific to this part/package/packaging that is causing your problems. Things to check: -Identify where the issue

Juki gang picking same part number

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 02:37:35 EDT 2018 | rob

Hi Thomas, Yes, we are pretty good at feeder maintenance, we gang pick on our Yamaha/Assembleon kit with no issues. On one of our older machines (YV112-3/Sapphire) we pick 12 LEDs at once per side of the machine. On a couple of jobs we exceed the ma

problems picking up PANASONIC ERJ-12ZYJ203U resister.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 12:18:18 EST 2017 | dyoungquist

It could be a part height issue. I have seen a case where an 0402 resistor from 2 different manufactures had different heights. If the height of your 2010 part is taller than you have programmed in the package data, the pick up head may be pushing

QP341 Z-Height issue

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 12:03:25 EDT 2008 | mmjm_1099

Can someone please shed some light on a QP picking problem I am having? It seems I am having to add more and more z offsets in the programs and unsure why. I have to go in and add 0.4 mm into the Z pick because the nozzle isn�t coming down enough. Wh

Samsung CP40CV Vibration issue

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 06:48:51 EDT 2013 | JB

Hello, anyone know whats wrong with our Pick & Place machine? we have a Samsung CP40CV and on head 3 its is getting a lot of vibrations and makes the full head vibrate, sometimes it make a noise from the vibrations.

Mydata M12 issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 27 15:53:23 EDT 2009 | smtspecialist

Sr.Tech is absolutely right !!! This is where I had started, by changing all 4 brushes on the motor then I changed the connector since it was turning black (Mydata have a retrofit connector assy for that!, you can do your own also!) After trying thos

CF CARD issue

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 11 05:29:31 EDT 2007 | johnz

We are having a problem with JST connector ICM-MA50H-SS52-1161 LF SN. After reflow oven soldering we have mostly problem with soldering quality for firs or last leg of the connector. (There is no connection- leg just lays-lift on the solder no wicki

Assembleon Opal mis pick issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 12 14:35:33 EDT 2015 | ehess

having a problem with several heads miss picking 8mm feeder parts. Had to bypass 2 of the heads because it was becoming such a hardship. Heads 3, 4 (bypassed), and 8 (bypassed). On 3 and 8, it will miss so many it errors, and when I clear the erro

Quad IVc Part rejection issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 16:15:51 EDT 2012 | derekj

Hello all. I'm having a bit of an issue with my IVc that's driving me insane. On occasion when placing a part, the machine will consistently reject the part 3 times before adjusting and then pick and place the part with no issues. I've done everythi

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