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Soak Test

Sep 14, 2005 | What is a soak test? Do you mean a recipe for removing moisture from a board?

Soak Test

Sep 13, 2005 | Was it possible to calculate Soak Test Equivalent on PCBA? For example: Soak Test at 60C/80%RH e

Soak Test

Sep 20, 2005 | We don't know how to accelerate soak recipes. We'd suggest that you use the recipe for your product

Soak Test

Sep 14, 2005 |

Long Soak Times for BGA soldering?

Jul 1, 2004 | I'm having a philisophical discussion with my boss regarding long reflow soak times to improve solde

reflow oven

Apr 11, 2005 | As long as you have a continuous profile with required soak and dwell periods, the zone lengths do n

LSP profile

Jun 7, 2004 | LSP is 'Long Soak Profile'. See

Lead Free Delta T (reflow 7 zones)

Mar 9, 2006 | What type of profile are you using (soak or straight ramp)? You may need to reduce the ramp rate or

Soldering to an OSB surface

Jan 12, 2007 | OSB ??? OSP !!! 1. The longer the soak, the fewer the Voids. 2. The Higher the soak, the fewer t

Reflow Problems

Jan 18, 2007 | Good afternoon, Profile your oven. Try to increase soak zone as much as possible. This must equal

reflow profile development

Sep 2, 2008 | Try this. Basic reflow profile build up and explanation of its parts: ramp-up, soak or no soak, peak

Bad solder joints

Jun 1, 2009 |

Profiling for Pb-free HASL

Jun 3, 2019 | We recommend a ramp soak spike profile for HASL finish, so everything gets nicely heated during refl

Soldering Issue in Sensor component

Dec 27, 2019 | Yes we have tried with low soak with longer reflow and high peak also low soak.. short TAL and low

Voids in solder fillet

Apr 17, 2003 |

Cracked Tantalum Capacitors

Mar 8, 2004 | I expierenced this while at I-PAC Manuf. when the reflow profile was too hot in the perheat & soak z

Solder dust

Mar 9, 2005 |

Problem with shielding component

Jan 13, 2007 | Hi all, What length of time is recommended for the "soak stage"? aj...

oven profile

Nov 11, 2009 | try less soak 130 to 225 for lead free : 70-80 sec

Components Turn Yellowish!

Aug 22, 2005 | We've also seen it where a component has had a long soak at a high temp (last one was 220C for 1.5 m

SAC solder balls reflow with Sn/Pb paste - Voids Issue

Oct 5, 2006 | * Try 1.5C / sec from RT to 165C * Hot soak at 165-175C for up to 2 minutes (I'd start with 60 seco

SAC solder balls reflow with Sn/Pb paste - Voids Issue

Oct 4, 2006 | The main cause of voids is your flux out-gassing during reflow. Try a little "knee" or slight soak

Lead Free Reflow

Feb 13, 2007 | Smaller Ovens reduce your ability to create extended soak times. Extended Soak Time requirements ar

Reflow Profile Type

Jun 3, 2008 |

Best compromise

Sep 5, 2008 |

BGA Solder Voids

Jun 14, 2010 |

QFP Defect

Jul 11, 2001 |

2 Hot 2 Handle

Dec 27, 2012 |

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