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Longer soak time and reflow time impact Solder on Au pad?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 10:03:30 EDT 2000 | KS Wong

Hello, I am looking for input on the 7 zone convectional reflow oven on the temperature profiling. I having a problem with the flux/solder spattering on the Au cotact fingers. I have ran some experiment with the soak time and reflow time. Anyway,

Re: Longer soak time and reflow time impact Solder on Au pad?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 11:02:29 EDT 2000 | Travis Slaughter

Maybe its not splatter, in my experience a sloppy operator can get paste on contacts and just one sphere can rune them and can look like splatter.

Re: Longer soak time and reflow time impact Solder on Au pad?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 08 00:24:35 EDT 2000 | Jim Arnold

Sudden flux boil will cause splatter. More thorough drying or a slower intial ramp to allow drying to occur before a boil or "splatter" temperature is reached may aid your problem.

Re: Longer soak time and reflow time impact Solder on Au pad?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 08 04:45:17 EDT 2000 | PeterB

As per Travis's reply it could be something other than the reflow process. Another good one is if the printed PCB's have been cleaned down due to print misregistration etc.. If not properly controlled paste residues can remain distributed about the p

Reflow time

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 11:04:23 EST 2005 | chunks

Over all time will be dictated by your conveyor speed. Your conveyor speed will be dictated by your products time above liquidous. Time above liquidous is dictated by the manufacturers specification. Time and temp before reflow will have to be ach

Long Soak Times for BGA soldering?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 23:56:06 EDT 2004 | rsthompson

I'm having a philisophical discussion with my boss regarding long reflow soak times to improve soldering under BGA devices. Is there anything to be gained by extending soak times at the 150C level from 60-90 seconds to 5-10 minutes? I've never seen

Blistering issue, mixed LF/SnPb process

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 09:20:10 EDT 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good afternoon, No, defects aren�t trace related. I�ve just posted reflow profile (reply to Chunks). I suspect the component only. All other components are fine. But I can�t understand what exactly happens with this component. I tried to play with s

Lead Free Reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 13 07:54:48 EST 2007 | jax

Smaller Ovens reduce your ability to create extended soak times. Extended Soak Time requirements are determined by your thermal variant across the product. A 5 zone oven could work if your boards are not extremely complex but you are the only person

Reflow Profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 10:44:20 EDT 2019 | vchauhan

Can anyone please share a document which details about the soldering defects if you have less or the excessive preheat time, soak time, peak temperature, time above liquidous (TAL)and cooling time. Appreciate your help in advance.

Epoxy on bottom of SMT component

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 06:56:57 EST 2007 | shy

the paste is necessary for the component that had no glue. btw, for solder paste specs, 150C is at reflow time plus soaking time and i believe it will cause nothing to the glue and can cured as per recommended? correct me if i'm wrong.

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