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Soak Test

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 07:30:57 EDT 2005 | davef

What is a soak test? Do you mean a recipe for removing moisture from a board?

Soak Test

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 13 06:00:29 EDT 2005 | Charlie

Was it possible to calculate Soak Test Equivalent on PCBA? For example: Soak Test at 60C/80%RH equivalent to how many hour of test at 25C/60%RH ?

reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 11 06:37:59 EDT 2005 | amstech

As long as you have a continuous profile with required soak and dwell periods, the zone lengths do not matter. For lead free, usually ramp to peak is preffered.that is with minimum soak (you can not avoid soak anyway. You can achieve the profiles irr

Solder not reflowing properly

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 28 17:14:53 EDT 2008 | ronsou

small pads like 0402 tend to get hot quite > easily. looks like excessive heat is your problem > here. pads are wetted, component leads are not. > this means solder paste flux on top layer was > exhausted before entering in reflow. your profile

LSP profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 07 17:28:07 EDT 2004 | edatasys

LSP is 'Long Soak Profile'. See http://www.aimsolder.com/tds/NC_297DX_Sn62_&_Sn63_Solder_Paste.pdf Looks like a variation of the RSS, with you guessed it a longer soak.

Soak Test

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 11:41:17 EDT 2005 | davef

We don't know how to accelerate soak recipes. We'd suggest that you use the recipe for your product use environment that is suggested in SM-785 - Guidelines For Accelerated Reliability Testing Of SM Solder Attachments

Lead Free Delta T (reflow 7 zones)

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 09 16:05:22 EST 2006 | jdengler

What type of profile are you using (soak or straight ramp)? You may need to reduce the ramp rate or increase the time at soak. Jerry

Reflow Problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 05:28:36 EST 2007 | pavel_murtishev

Good afternoon, Profile your oven. Try to increase soak zone as much as possible. This must equalize temperature across the board and leads to prevent wicking. �Spike� as slow as possible after long soak. Do you use tooling for this PWB in productio

Soldering to an OSB surface

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 12 14:29:51 EST 2007 | jax

OSB ??? OSP !!! 1. The longer the soak, the fewer the Voids. 2. The Higher the soak, the fewer the Voids. Options 1 and 2 have downsides. You could call your paste supplier and see if they have a low-void solder paste... most likely formulated fo

reflow profile development

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 02 13:30:11 EDT 2008 | hermes

Try this. Basic reflow profile build up and explanation of its parts: ramp-up, soak or no soak, peak, cooling. Good starting point.

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