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SOD 923

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 13:29:50 EDT 2013 | emeto

Also Guys if you can share what do you recommend as an apperture design would be great.

SOD 923

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 13:18:05 EDT 2013 | emeto

Hello, I have an issue with SOD 923 out of the oven. The part looks grainy, doesn't show a good wetting and looks like it has to be touched up. Everything on the board looks beautiful except this part. I tried with the profile, I checked the pad des

SOD 923

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 14:41:50 EDT 2013 | markhoch

Just a thought, but have you pulled the datasheet for the part and confirmed that the plating on the leads is compatible with your current process/profile?


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