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difference between Q type and K type feeders

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 25 19:02:45 EDT 2003 | Gabriele

Main difference is the reel holder position and for sure the clamping pin location. Tape feeding system is different. Any way they cannot be compatible among them. Q type feeders must be used for MV Q-Type placer and K-type feeders must be used for M

difference between Q type and K type feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 11:42:25 EDT 2003 | Claude_Couture

Does anyone know the difference between Panasert "Q" type and "K" type feeders? If you have pictures that would be even better.

difference between Q type and K type feeders

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 24 18:38:50 EDT 2003 | fastek

Claude- I'll send you the answer you need in an e-mail. Rick

[S] Ipulse M1 - F1 and PS84 feeder documentation

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 28 02:23:38 EST 2021 | tueftler

Hi there. I have an Ipulse M1 mounting mashine. For that i have PS84 and F1 Feeders. Now i have a strange behavior with my new F1-16 feeder. The machine dont had the F1-16 feeder type on its library. So i have insert it by myself. The problem is, th

SMT reels using paper for caps and have problems with feeder jam

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 14:20:52 EDT 2005 | james

Does anyone else encounter problems using feeders to handle caps that are reeled up with paper tape. We are having alot of problems with vendors that are now using the thicker type (like cardboard) to use to reel up caps. Our feeders either run too

SOD323 and SC90 bounceing parts in final PNP stages.

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 17:54:07 EST 2012 | swag

Three ideas for you: 1) Make sure nozzle tips are clean. 2) Check coplanarity of leads to bottom of body. If leads are above body, it could be the are not contacting paste well. 3) Investigate static charge in the parts caused by the feeder or

assembly serialization and traceability

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 16:26:22 EDT 2002 | Feederman

Steve, you might want to check out the pre-printed and print-on-demand label feeders that are available through Hover-Davis. These types of feeder remove the potential human placement errors which sometimes occur. The feeders are available for most p

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 22:17:24 EDT 2006 | EC

Hi Jack, I do not know what type of machine you are using and how old is your machine. But I have this problem before using Fuji machine. There are few things cause part throw.....placment speed, feeder, pick up tolerance, part dimension tolerance,

SMT Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 15:11:53 EDT 2001 | jdtpfacreate

Paul, My company offers an excellent solution for low volume/high mix applications. The issue always becomes how can you reduce downtime/changeover. There are few features on our machines that allow you to do this effectively: -Load feeder

GSM2 and FlexJet heads

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 11 21:19:51 EDT 2009 | fulldrawmike

we have both flexjet and flexhead, we also have the new inline 7 head on some genesis dual beams we just put into operation. If you have a choice in flexjet heads take the inline 7. The flexjet 09 head is very labor intensive, stay away from them, e

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