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SMT Stencil design

Mar 19, 2020 | Overprinting until the solder paste start detaching from the joint and start forming solder balls. B

soldermask color change around vias

Jun 7, 2019 | OK good if you get really close to the two small solder balls trapped in that greasy waxy residue an

soldermask color change around vias

Jun 7, 2019 | The Single Solder ball stuck to the mask may indicate undercured as well. The issue is not so much t

Poor Wetting On The BGA.

Sep 16, 2017 | An assembly with this improperly solder joints will have functional issues. We have encountered this

Regarding BGA Pad Lifting

Mar 1, 2017 | Hi! I am Bob and pls forgive me if technical words I use are wrong. What may cause the BGA solder pa

Melted BGA part

Sep 15, 2016 |

pad cratering

Jul 1, 2015 |

Flux wave on PCBs

Mar 11, 2015 | Hi its undercured solder resist which leaves a clear waxy/oily residue and can be seen as brown tar/

SMT Reflow temp

Feb 25, 2015 | Hi Bartel , 1.1 Profile Solution to Cold Soldering Cause for Cold soldering The peak temp of refl


Dec 22, 2014 |

PIHR... what do you think...?

Jun 12, 2014 | No, is will not create random solder balls. I have experience doing this(When we had a big via in mi

0603 LED Tilt

May 27, 2013 |


Jan 10, 2011 | Hi Ripal it seems that you have problem with compatibility of alloy and quality of solder balls.


May 19, 2010 | HI Im new to this but i thought i would have a go at fixing my xbox 360 be re balling it,ive man

suggest whether we can place BGA without Bals on PCB after Print

Nov 4, 2009 | It will be very difficult to apply the proper amount of solder with a stencil to bump a ball that is

defects in pcb manufacturing

Oct 30, 2009 | Hi, I see a huge solder mask shift on chip comp pads. This would result in mid-chip solder balls or

BGA failure after coating

Oct 5, 2009 | we suggest as below : the first : check the soldering(solder ball and pad) by X-ray ; second: to d

Stencil Cutters

Nov 20, 2008 | Don't forget the value of being able to blame everything from bridging, solder balls,tombstoneing ,

Humidity question

Oct 16, 2008 | "We don't associate solder balls with no-clean flux and humidity." I'll let the former speak for

Land Grid Array (LGA) Rework

Sep 11, 2008 | Depending on the assembly, I have applied balls on LGA's and reflowed them on using the rework hot a

Component Pin 1 marking

Mar 4, 2008 | Available on the web, JEDEC PUBLICATION 95, DESIGN GUIDE 4.14, Ball Grid Array Package (BGA), Figure

Tented Via's

Feb 21, 2008 | if you are not using them for test points or want them filled with solder for current carrying capab

BGA Voids

Feb 12, 2008 | Thanks for the spare change. Questions are good and I did miss one item. Process has 100% solder p

BGAs not reflowing??

Nov 6, 2007 | Hi All, We are using BGAs from a new supplier, and the BGA solder balls are not collpasing proper


Sep 17, 2007 | We have never studied this, but here's what we'd guess. If there are void in BGA solder balls at inb

Lead-Free BGA Rework

Jun 26, 2007 |

double printing

Mar 21, 2007 |

LGA and Solderballs

Nov 28, 2006 | J Rose at EMPF says: The introduction of no-clean solder fluxes in electronics manufacturing has gi

Cleaning Paste from 2nd Side Print

Oct 31, 2006 | We never run raw solder paste through our board cleaner, because: * Flux floats on the water in the

Local Fiducials

Oct 20, 2006 |


Jul 12, 2006 |

Water Soluble vs. No Clean

May 3, 2006 | All good points by Pee Wee Herman; your solder balling may appear if you don't currently have stenci

BGA Reflow Issue

Apr 19, 2006 | So, your solder ball didn't collapse. What is the ball material? More and more BGA are shipped lea

Stencil thickness

Mar 2, 2006 | Dis agree?!?!?! We solder plenty of them o6o3s at honda and they l00k 0k! Solder balls will always


Mar 1, 2006 | we are observing voids in solder ball bonding process using laser.Final metal finish is of Au on Cu.


Feb 1, 2006 | Hi, What's the difference between soldering a lead free solder ball BGA onto a footprint with lea

Wave Pallets

Jan 24, 2006 |


Dec 11, 2005 | Hi, As far as I know soldering a lead free BGA in a lead process is similar to soldering down som

Lead Free Stencil Design

Jul 13, 2005 | Are you seeing solder balling on your discretes when you print 1:1? Are you washing your boards?

Maximum Overprint

Jun 28, 2005 | Fabricators take different approaches in developing paste that is more or less prone to solder balli

BGA pad size

Jun 21, 2005 |

Non-wetting: PTH on double-side reflow

Apr 6, 2005 | Are you saying you have solder balls (as in solder paste balls) at the lead tips (or land tip)? Thi

Does this forum covers BGA's

Feb 18, 2005 | Lead Free Ball Grid Array packages are expected to be increasing the shipment numbers by 2006. How m

Pasteproblemater aftersoldering

Feb 8, 2005 | we have even tried with 6mil stencil even than we are getting the solder ball thanks for your sugges

IPA Alternatives

Precision Auger Dispense Pump