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Component Skew during Reflow Process

Aug 1, 2019 | Looks like you have too much solder, looks like is balling out of the side of your pads.

Poor Wetting On The BGA.

Oct 19, 2016 | Hi All, Currently im seeing a cold solder/ poor wetting underneath the BGA Ball as i shown in the

LGA Rework

Mar 19, 2015 | We remove the LGA, clean the pads, "re-ball" the LGA by solder-printing it, reflow and re-install it

0603 LED Tilt

May 27, 2013 |

IR Rework Machine

Jun 28, 2012 |

BGA Reflow

Jun 9, 2011 | You might want to check the components as well, I've seen a similar problem with re-balled parts usi

Changing Ni/Au finish to HASL lead free

Dec 22, 2010 | HI I used both of solder leveling HASL and ENIG, HASL I can recommended for biger pitch is cheaper

Reflow problem

Sep 14, 2010 | There is problem with the alignment of BGA Balls. Check for any vibration.

BGA Placement Process

Mar 27, 2010 |

BGA failure after coating

Sep 30, 2009 |

BGA post SMT reflow?

Aug 14, 2009 |

Small board washer needed

Jul 26, 2007 |

Reflow Profile Design

Jun 19, 2007 | Hi folks. If the solder is on the BGA but is not soldered at all on the pads, then you can discard

Lead free rework of BGA

Jan 17, 2007 |

Hidden Pillow Phenomenon

Nov 14, 2006 |

Bga failure

Sep 26, 2006 | could be black pad, or it is just bad reflow profile that did not get all balls soldered down. OR i


Jul 29, 2006 | Ball Grid Array (BGA). A surface mount technology leadless package with the connectors to the board

Oop's Pb BGA's in a RoHS process?

Jun 21, 2006 | Hi Muse, what do you mean by "with a SAC Ball and SnPb Paste the ball liquifies at a much higher he

BGA Reflow Issue

Apr 19, 2006 |

Apr 14, 2006 | As from previous discussions on this topic here on SMTnet, we are perfectly comfotable using leadfre

stepped stencils

Feb 24, 2006 |

Aluminum tape

Feb 15, 2006 |

BGA rework using Tacky Flux

Jan 16, 2006 | I can't see why it would be any different, You are melting the balls into reflow to the pad. In my

Leadfree Trials

Sep 6, 2005 |

Cleaning Reworked BGA's.

Aug 4, 2005 |

Rework units with parylene coating

Jun 8, 2005 | You will have to machine the part off down to the top of the balls. Wick solder off from individual

Stencil Thickness

Dec 15, 2004 |

.5mm BGA

Feb 20, 2004 | That will depend on so many factors: solder type / flux type sphericity of balls in paste stenc

Void in CSP

May 7, 2003 | Here's some papers: * �Voiding Of Lead-Free Soldering At Microvia�; Dr. Hyoryoon Jo, B. Nieman, and

BGA attach eval.

Apr 3, 2003 | R4: We see the ball left on the PCB with a flat top and the BGA pad appears to be virgin. D4: Not g

type 3 vs type 4 paste

Nov 7, 2002 |

via in Pad

Sep 17, 2002 |

via in pad

Sep 14, 2002 |

fluid dispensing robots - techcon