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LGA Rework

Mar 27, 2015 | We reflow solder balls to the LGA using a tacky paste flux. Then we install the LGA to the PCB usin

Using RoHS Components in a leaded paste world

Oct 31, 2013 | You should have no difficulty with QFN or QFP parts when using non-RoHS solder. The QFP's are most l

Flux residues

Nov 15, 2012 |

Cleaning paste-printed PCB

Sep 4, 2012 | The best thing you can do is to clean the board that has a solder paste defect on it. If you don't y

BGA non wetting

Sep 14, 2010 | Hi Gani, Looking at the pictures in the report it looks as if there is a thin coating of solder on t

PCB Surface Question - Picture attached

Mar 25, 2010 | I would not use the product. Solder balls on a massive scale would be one issue due to all the expos

Water Washing

Jan 4, 2010 |

defects in pcb manufacturing

Nov 2, 2009 | Base on the top picture condition, seems like the boards condition is a lot with solder splash or so

BGA failure after coating

Sep 30, 2009 |


Dec 3, 2008 |

Land Grid Array (LGA) Rework

Sep 2, 2008 | Out for reballing??? The LGA's that I'm familiar with do not have balls. Pull them off with a BGA re

Land size

Jul 7, 2008 | Most QFP 128s have a 0.16mm wide lead. Might have to modify your pads if you'r buying some odd ball

Disposal of ultrasonic cleaning water

Jun 24, 2008 | Your flux residues may be acceptable for your drain, but the solder balls won't be. You'll need to f

0.5mm CSP Reliability

Apr 23, 2008 | It is CSP reliability issue, which is the mobile CPU from Spreadtrum. All the tests passed and sh

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Feb 19, 2008 | Get the ionic specs from your flux manufacturer, and show it to the designer. No-clean flux/solder

QFP wetting

Nov 12, 2007 | Hi, Thanks. Waitng for your reponse. BTW, if I were to perform a test as below will this give me

soulder SMT Mat

May 16, 2007 | I test pdb-boards on the mat it ain't work! Wrong > mount of bolts being outputted. is have someth

ICT Question, Via holes and Probes

Apr 27, 2007 | For those of you who use via holes as test points, and the via holes must be filled at the wave, is

OSP Surface Finishes

Mar 21, 2007 |

BGA Tilt

Feb 12, 2007 | the center part of the BGA balls may not fully reflow or melt and cause BGA tilt, not functioning wo

BGA Tilt

Feb 9, 2007 |

Lead Free BGA's on non-RoHS Assembly

Jan 29, 2007 | What does your customer want you to do? I would not want a CM soldering one of my boards with leadf

Lead free rework of BGA

Jan 17, 2007 |

Wave Cassettes and Heat convection

Jan 16, 2007 | Answers: The component does take solder, no problem We get a full barrel fill with an empty PCB bu

Wave flux and profiling

Dec 20, 2006 | Any decent flux would volatise off with the heat of the wave unless absorbed into the solder mask.

Copper migration

Dec 7, 2006 | Hi Davef, The BGA pad is with ENIG finish, the PCB pad is with immersion silver and the solder pa

Copper migration

Dec 4, 2006 | Hello, I did EDX on BGA just to find out copper wt% at the package- ball interface. Is wt% rang

Pasting ahead

Nov 13, 2006 |

Bga failure

Sep 26, 2006 | could be black pad, or it is just bad reflow profile that did not get all balls soldered down. OR i


Jul 12, 2006 |

BGA Rework

Apr 14, 2006 | Have done some rework on BGAs but what kind of minimal pitches/solder balls you dealing with and wha

Stencil thickness

Mar 2, 2006 |

Measuring intermetallic compound

Aug 24, 2005 | Hi, I am doing a research on the solder ball joint strength of lead free PBGA package. Coming acros

Mosfet stencil design

Jul 18, 2005 | I have a SO-8 mosfet part from Vishay SI7846DP-T1. Am having a lot of solder ball that coming undern

Lead Free Stencil Design

Jul 13, 2005 |

Lead Free Stencil Design

Jul 13, 2005 | We do have solder balling on occasion but it is usually very minimal. When and if this becomes an i

Lead Free Stencil Design

Jul 12, 2005 | Most Lead Free Solder suppliers are saying that stencil aperatures should go to 1:1 or have no chang

Reflowing <.032

Feb 18, 2005 |


Jan 19, 2005 |

Cap Short

Nov 22, 2004 |

Via in pad

Jun 11, 2004 |

pcb components vacuum pick up

Capillary Underfill process