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Reflow for the first time

Feb 14, 2017 | Pre-heat, pre-heat, pre-heat! Swap out your acetylene with some propane. Problem solved. Throw a

pad cratering

Jul 1, 2015 | hi, the last post on pad cratering dates from 2012. We have (likely similar) problems with a RoHS

Dendritic Growth

Mar 20, 2015 |

Gold/Tin Reflow

Jun 27, 2014 |

BGA non wetting

Sep 17, 2010 | Hi Gani, looking at the HASL icture and the poor wetting of the solder over the pads I would imagine

Importance of Exposed Pad In ST QFP for Set top box product

Oct 30, 2009 | thnx davef & all With the help of all at last i solved the problem , The vias are not caped from

QFN's and LGA's

May 20, 2009 |

lead free finish

Jan 29, 2009 | Looks like a time/temperature problem to me. However, there are a lot of solder fines surrounding th

Delamination / Measling

Dec 8, 2008 |

OSP coating verification

Sep 29, 2008 | We are having problems with a specific lot of boards wave soldering. I need a way to prove the boar

PCB land pattern for RC0402 and CC0402

Sep 24, 2008 | we have some problems in soldering joints such as insufficient solder and misalignment on some RC040

Voiding issue

Jul 24, 2008 |

White residues

May 26, 2008 | Hi Mr. Necdet Ozyonum, Recently we did have same kind of problems when we use lead free reflow pr

QFP wetting

Nov 12, 2007 |

Foam in the wash

Jun 13, 2007 | Brian, We had similar problem in our inline wash machine time ago. We checked everythin on equipmen

IPC Conference Raises New Lead-free Reliability Concerns

Apr 18, 2007 | lol, you see, all our problems will soon be solved with SodiT potatium solder, dont worry!


Dec 1, 2006 |

Dewetting on Second side reflow?????

Oct 31, 2006 | So at incoming inspection, what are the results for your "dip & look" solderability testing [IPC/JED


Jun 28, 2006 | BGA is better- in terms of 1.0 no bent leads or coplanarity problems 2.0 self align on solder pads 3

Imm Silver and Voiding

Jun 22, 2006 |

Palladium poor wetting

May 23, 2006 | Seems as though the problem is with PCB and not component? "Solder does not wet to pads, wets to co

IPC-A-610D Question

May 2, 2006 | I have experienced the exact same problem with excess solder touching the plastic component body. Th

Component Terminals with silver plating

Apr 26, 2006 | weve hand soldered a few components that were tarnished with no problems, also the tarnish is electr

SMT issues

Feb 9, 2006 | If your component meets ANSI/J-STD-002 - Solderability Tests for Component Leads, Terminations, Lugs

TAL during reflow

Feb 8, 2006 | 'TAL' is a poor measure of solder connection heating. In a reflow process, what you need is about 5

Working with Lead free and Pb Capacitors

Jan 27, 2006 | From technical point of view: it should not be a problem to mix Pb with Pb Free components soldered

Reflow issues with leaded paste and mixed components

Nov 10, 2005 | Hello, I am currently trying to isolate internal fallout problems with very low yield substrates mi

SMT Backward Compability

Jul 6, 2005 | We start to get mixed component leaded and lead-free, we still using leaded solder paste in the SMT

AOI price

Mar 13, 2005 | After reflow AOI makes sense because it has the highest coverage of the defects. Problems like tombs

Pitted / Stretched Appearance on Fine Pitch Components.

Jul 27, 2004 | We have recently encountered a problem that we haven't seen before: The solder joint appears to be w

Affect of Moisture on Assembled PCBs

May 18, 2004 | Wave Solder temperature should not cause problem to MSDs. Just in case on PBA there are very critic

Tombstone defect

Aug 28, 2003 | Hi, do you know how much the problem can be reduced by using anti-tombstoning solder paste? I tri

Small Parts Tips

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