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gcprevue/gerber ez Teach For Momentum Printer Inspection Btm side Issue

Jan 15, 2019 | I also use these when available. The problem still persists for Bottom Paste/Parts layer. The non-s

IC void

Jun 2, 2016 | Hi, yes have a few experiments initially i tried to increase the solder volume but component pin hav

Trouble with voids in PTH

Jun 12, 2013 | Hello guys ! I am here again with a problem, right now we have a problem with a new product, the

SMT voiding

Oct 25, 2012 |

Inline wash foam

Jul 2, 2012 |

Fiducial Recognition

Jun 13, 2012 |

Another AOI thread

Jun 11, 2012 |

Yestech AOI question

Jan 13, 2011 |

AOI systems

Feb 18, 2010 |

Wirebond issues near SM

Oct 8, 2009 |

BGA Reflow profiles

May 12, 2009 |

Vapor (vapour) Phase?

Jun 15, 2008 |

Losing parts in reflow

Jun 18, 2007 |

PCB lamination issues

Feb 12, 2007 |

Palladium poor wetting

May 25, 2006 |


Jan 20, 2006 | From what I have seen some component terminal finished have a problem due to storage also. I have se


Jan 4, 2006 | Hi, That's the main problem. I quickly checked out the motorola document, and thanks for posting

Lead free compatibility

Dec 5, 2005 |

SMT on rig-flex and multi-flex boards

Oct 22, 2004 | Hi Christina, What would you be basing the yields off of? Is it solder defect, component placemen

Wavesoldering Defect

Sep 14, 2004 |


Jul 29, 2004 | hello, BGA was a little excessively reflowed with dwell time(above 183C - solder paste = 63/37) ove

PCB post reflow cleaning

Mar 28, 2004 | Hi, I would also be interested in this thread, but our problem has a different twist to it. We ha

BGA ball and PCB pad

Feb 20, 2004 | First, it depends on the alloy composition of the solder. As you might know, eutectic Sn/Pb solder h

Need help on PCBA Cleanliness Standards and Specs

Dec 2, 2003 | Dear Tom, As manufacturer of solder chemicals for the electronic industry we know we can help you o


Apr 30, 2003 |

Epoxied Parts Falling Off

Feb 24, 2003 | Just an update on my problem. I spoke to Loctite and they had very few solutions. One thing they s


Dec 13, 2002 | I've seen this type of problem before. You need to get on your bare board vendors. It's a process pr

0201 caps

Dec 3, 2002 |

baking boards, revisited

Oct 2, 2002 |

component baking

Aug 16, 2002 |

BGA Assembly

May 30, 2002 | Ben, Thanks for the input on the apertures and thickness. The side two problem, is not reflow.

Conceptronics Reflow Oven

Jan 5, 2002 | I have experienced the same problem with my Mark 3. I found the problem to be the solid state relays

PCB Thermal shock

Nov 5, 2001 | What�s the problem? There area many heat related failure mechanisms in bare boards. You can da

Agilent 5DX

Jul 31, 2001 |

QFP Defect

Jun 25, 2001 | Hello, I have a board that has been giving us problems for some time now. It is fairly well popul

Silver Emerge

Jun 18, 2001 |

Process Qualification

Jun 18, 2001 |

delta solder paste

Benchtop Fluid Dispenser