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Scratches on BGA solder resist

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 27 22:40:28 EST 2007 | davef

IPC-A-600G, 2.9 Solder Resist [Solder Mask] [snip]"Solder resists are used to limit and control the application of solder to selected areas of the printed circuit board during assembly soldering operations and are sometimes used to reduce dendritic f

Scratches on BGA solder resist

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 27 20:17:19 EST 2007 | roderickray

I have been trying to tell people at work that minor scratches on solder resist on BGA will not effect functionality of BGA, instead they want to attempt repair of these scratches. Any suggestions.

Scratches on BGA solder resist

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 28 07:40:26 EST 2007 | realchunks

Hi Roderick, Guess it depends on how you define "minor". If it is just a visual blemish in the mask, there will be no affect o the BGA. If it is through the resist there may be a chance of solder shorting, which will affect it, I doubt it but poss

Water soluble solder resist masking

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 12 10:28:30 EST 1997 | David Syracuse

I am interested in locating a water soluble resist mask that does not leave a residue after wash and is easy to work with during the screen printing process. I have tried the Alpha Metals 110 and 220 solder mask and have found that it does not leave

Clearence of solder resist from QFP Leads

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 09 08:20:43 EST 2009 | caerleon

Does anyone have design knowledge of why some manufacturers remove solder resist from the area around pads on fine pitch devices? What purpose does it serve? I only know that it would be better for AOI as you would not have light being reflected fro

Clearence of solder resist from QFP Leads

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 09 09:43:48 EST 2009 | boardhouse

Hi Simon, The main reason that it would probably be removed would be do to lack of clearance for a soldermask dam from pad to pad. typically if the clearance from pad to pad is under .008 the solder mask dam would be removed. Min recomended dam siz

solder pre-forms

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 08:43:12 EDT 2002 | zanolli

Various solder metal supplies sell pre-forms as loose individual shapes, usually donuts. The loose performs then are placed on the connector leads. If you have any volume at all, you would want to look at a �shake table� that would vibrate a batch of

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 21:56:00 EST 2001 | davef

Every critter out there with large incisors adapted for gnawing and nibbling has a different theory of solder ball formation. [My theory: It�s punishment for using NC fluxes. Stand and deliver. My solder balls end-up in the gross filter connected

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 21:29:03 EDT 2001 | davef

Cleaning RMA with water is bad news. It will turn your solder connections white and remove none of the RMA residues. There was a thread on removing RMA within the past two weeks on SMTnet. Check the fine SMTnet Archives. Additionally, look at M

Excessive solder balls!

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 08:01:32 EDT 2011 | joekirin

Hello, I am having a problem with a large amount of solder balls surrounding mostly the legs of fine pitch ics. There seems to be a large collection in gap between the pad and the solder resist. They do not easily wash out. Our profile seems to be

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