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Cable assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 13:16:12 EST 2006 | Cmiller

You should be able to trim the crimp part of the contact then just solder the wire onto the terminal.

PCB assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 06 08:54:23 EST 2003 | babe

I own a distributorship and I sell soldering supplies. But I don't hawk my wares on this forum. I read and educate myself from this forum. Alot of it is above me, however the forum has made me more knowledgable and capable of servicing my customers.

SMT assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 11 09:28:34 EDT 2009 | wrongway

surface tension is what holds the parts on when solder is flowing I would add some glue under the parts that I placed on the frist side the glue will add more surface tension. this is if you have a glue dispencer in your line already.

SMD assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 11 07:37:11 EDT 2002 | mk

Whoaaaa Genny, Its not that bad!!! The difficulty factor is in assembling your own boards is all releative to how many, and how difficult they are. Most studies show that the vast majority of defects in smd assembly are generated in the application

electronics assembly clip art

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 20 10:40:01 EST 1999 | greg cronin

I am looking for clip art images of electronics assembly. Images like wave soldering, surface mount components, soldering irons... just general assembly graphics. Many sites have different individual images that they use I was just wondering if any

Floor life pcb assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 03:19:30 EDT 2008 | jkhiew

Hi all, Can anyone advise me what is the recommended floor life for pcb assembly prior to wave soldering before drying/degassing ? Thks Joseph

problem in micro-BGA assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 09:57:44 EDT 1999 | Vic Lau

Dear guys, I have some problem on assembling micro-BGA with solder paste (63/37). The micro-BGA we assmeble is 0.75mm pitch and with 45 pin (solder bump is 96.5/3.5Ag). The stencil is a laser-cut stencil with 5 mil thickness. We are now using a no

Polyimide PCB card assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 09:21:34 EDT 1999 | Dan Burnikel

Hello all I have a question concerning whether or not there is any special requirements to follow for assembly of a Polyimide PCB card. The customer has the following information on there documentation but since we have never built anything with Pol

Floor life pcb assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 25 04:44:56 EDT 2008 | jkhiew

Hi all, I mean after post adhesive oven curing (SMD at bottom side) prior to manual insert of PTH components (top side), what is the recommended storage time prior to wave soldering in order to avoid pin/blow holes and sunken joints issues (pcb asse

Lead-free/RoHS compliant assembly capabilities?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 03:24:00 EST 2017 | soldertraining

Tin dipping of components in RoHS compatible solder is one means to turn the lead bearing components in to devices which can be used in a RoHS compatible soldering process. The conversion of lead bearing components into those which can be used in the

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