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solder ball

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 22:54:32 EDT 2002 | davef

Solder balls are one of the most popular topics here on SMTnet. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for background. We like to wash solder balls from the board in our cleaner.

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 31 02:04:19 EST 2019 | sssamw

From the picture, I cannot see clearly solder ball violate electrical clearance or cause a short, maybe it is. What I can see is the solder paste has some misalignment although it doesn't printed in solder mask area, but actual position will reduce

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 31 02:06:21 EST 2019 | sssamw

Yes, from the picture, it seems the gap between solder pad is very small, easy to have solder ball/solder bridge.

solder ball

Electronics Forum | agoesfirmanto |

Tue Dec 31 01:52:49 EST 2019

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 01 22:19:33 EST 2020 | sssamw

Solder ball attached on solder joint without violation minimum electrical clearance is acceptable. If your process parameter including stencil not changed, suggest you check if solder pasted being pushed out after IC placement, also check if solder j

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 31 01:30:07 EST 2019 | sssamw

Do you have clear pictures show IC soldering and the solder ball? DO you have clear picture show the PCB pad?

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 31 09:24:22 EST 2019 | SMTA-Davandran

You may try reduction on stencil aperture on the particular IC location. Reduction on width and extend outer length may help to minimise solder ball issue. However, please look into stencil foil thickness to meet AR.

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 03 11:37:24 EST 2020 | emeto

Sometimes might be internal change with personnel. Issue is actually there, but if no one questions it-it is not an issue. With 7mil stencil there is a good chance to have solder balls. So were they registered or were they fixed/cleaned?

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 06 07:14:40 EST 2021 | agoesfirmanto

Dear Sirs, very sorry being late reply after a year. Thank you very much for your advices, you are absolutely correct after reduce grounding pad size. No more solder ball issue. Thank you very much. highly appreciate all of your supports. Best re

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 06 07:17:47 EST 2021 | agoesfirmanto

Hello Pak Zack. very sorry late reply Thank you for your sharing. Solder ball issue already solved. Best regards, Agoes

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