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Re: Ghost circuit shorts under smt resisters only when they are located on solder side of pcb (glued down)

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 14:14:51 EDT 1999 | Steve Gregory

| | | We are having a process related problem with pullup resistors on a controller card which has a I960 micro-processor. | | | The controller monitors signal inputs and it's own resources then blinks a LED to indicate its working. The problem is th

Wave solder pallets

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 13:07:55 EDT 2006 | Jbrower

Howdy all. The question that I have is on wave solder pallets. I'm getting quite a bit of flux trapped on the pcb where it contacts the wave solder pallet. I have an appropriate profile for my assemblies, The flux that i use is Kester 920-CXF No Cl


Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 05 03:03:50 EDT 2002 | jkhiew

Hi all, I had some old stock of CEM1 pcb: a. How long & under what temp. condition shall I bake it to eliminate the trapped moisture ? b. Is the baking time & temp. different for 3 yrs old stock, 2yrs old stock & 6 month old stock ? c. For CEM1 pcb,

SMT process Blowhole/ Pinhole

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 04:33:43 EDT 2003 | Neil

Iman, How long after washing the boards do you process them? Are there any vias or Micro vias on any of the pads you see the blow holes on? A possible cause of a blow hole in a solder fillet or PCB is the escaping of Moisture under extreme temps. Th

Re: Dross/Oxide problems with wave soldering machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 12:24:24 EST 2000 | Dave F

Robert: Several points: 1 Dross is a mixture of various things with no "fixed" composition: � The obvious things are metal oxides mixed with metal and this can vary in color with temperature and composition - remember some intermetallic oxides form

oil contaminated PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 31 18:05:30 EST 2010 | davef

Questions are: * What kind of oil is this? Where did it come from? * In olden days, we used to pour oil on the wave solder pot to limit dross formation and loosen-up the solder. Miss that stuff, sigh. * Is there oil under the BGA? It's surface ten


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 02 01:21:08 EDT 1998 | Mike Cox

Kyung Sam, | | Justin is correct, there is definately either a board design problem or the PCB maker issue. Obviously there are many mixed technology boards built in the world so I would lean towards a design issue as the root cause. Should you or

Re: Small balls on boards after wave soldering.

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 16 13:40:08 EDT 1998 | Chrys

| Is there anybody to help me ? | We have small balls appearing on the boards soldered by | wave soldering machine and it looks that use of nitrogen | is linked to the problem (because without nitrogen, we have no more | problems). | That remind you

LGA and Solderballs

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 21:16:17 EST 2006 | davef

J Rose at EMPF says: The introduction of no-clean solder fluxes in electronics manufacturing has given rise to greater levels of solder balling simply because the opportunity to remove them in the wash process does not exist. They are typically cause

Pinhole Solder Joint Reliability

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 21 20:42:12 EDT 2003 | iman

Don, thanks for the thoughtful insight, can I run some thinking points for your further assistance? 1) ours is a Au over Ni PCB bareboard. Do you think excessive Au thickness is any way a influence for poor solder formation? I did notice the PCB ba

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