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solder balls on pcb

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 04 12:58:17 EST 2008 | smt123

I have to agree with Patrick here. This image appears to show a board that is NOT HASL as there is what appears to be a copper pad in the upper portion of the image. But then again the arrow tip appears to be white and I woudl expect that to be red s

62sn 36pb 2 solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 11 02:54:27 EDT 2008 | cobar

The 2 % is Ag.It is added to prevent leaching silver from the end caps of components.This alloy like 63/37 is eutectic and has a reflow temp of 179�C whereas 63/37 is 183�C.

Re: No-lead solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 16:59:18 EDT 2000 | Lee

I'll be real brief, because of time, but feel free to contact me later (lgoldberg@chipcenter.com). There is big conceren (somewhat well-founded but a bit overblown) about lead form electronics products leaching into the environment when they are land

Re: solder mask

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 15 05:45:15 EDT 1999 | Brian

Boca, Dave Sorry, but I cannot let this go. I'll go along with you that, at the time that the Montreal Protocol was initially signed (September 1987), there was no scientific proof that CFCs etc. were causing ozone depletion. There was, however, ve

Ag Saturation in SAC solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 16:28:51 EST 2004 | Indy

Hi, We are using Sn/3.0Ag/0.5Cu solder paste on Pd/Ag pad metallization in one of our application. Could someone provide me information on the following: 1. How bad is the Leaching of Ag in SAC alloy and how it can be mitigated. 2. During reflow so

SnPbAg solder paste at reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 09:46:19 EST 2006 | jax

I assume you are talking about Sn62Pb36Ag2 solder. You should not see any added concerns when subjecting Sn62 to multiple reflow cycles as compared to Sn63. As compared to Sn63Pb37: Reduced leaching issues Increased Wetting due to lo

Micro Leadless Frame - solder wetting control

Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 15:30:57 EDT 2002 | TomN

I'd be a more than a little cautious about doing this. Had a somewhat different application once and found out that as the solution was cleaning/etching the surface, it also leached (thru the lead frame) into the body of the part. What we thought w

62/36/2Ag solder paste on imersion silver plated PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 05:36:27 EDT 2002 | lhudson1

Silver in the paste is present to minimise any negative effects of silver in the pcb finish or component terminations. 2% Ag prevent silver leaching thus giving a more reliable joint.

does potato can absorbed the solder or lead

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 14 14:05:55 EDT 2006 | nodlac

Additional to Dave F.... A potato has Iron @ 2.75mg and Magnesium @ 55mg. The leaching of these two meatls could contaminate the solder pot and taint the solder. ----------------------- Additional to my additional..THE SOLDER POT POTATO BATTERY...A p

What will be the effect of additional solder paste?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 19 16:20:05 EDT 2016 | davef

Don't blame it on the poor paste thickness requirement [although I might go on to argue that it's could be a contributor to the issue]. Most likely you're the problem. About 70% of the time solder on gold fingers is caused by poor cleaning of screen

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