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Solder Mask repair

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 14 19:09:38 EDT 2000 | Ashok Dhawan

One of our customer insist on repair of solder mask even if it is pin holes or less than 0.010 sq in. area. Based on our knowledge bank, we though of thre options, there could be many more. 1. coat the exposed area with original solder resist (from

Re: water soluble solder mask

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 23:19:25 EDT 1999 | Dennis O'Donnell

Water soluble masks are great in my book. After having used the latex type, I found that the water soluble will save a lot of time. I dont't use a closed loop system, but I do have a filter on my discharge line. I have not experienced any filter c

Re: Solder Mask repair

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 19:44:20 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Ashok: Well, your customer probably has a good reason for wanting you to send them boards without holes in the solder mask. What is their goal for the mask capabilities after you get do reworking the boards? * Cosmetic surface coat? * Performance t

solder mask

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 04:15:33 EDT 1999 | Jacqueline Coia

I am having cleaning problems when processing PCB's which have TAIYO solder mask on them. After processing, hand soldering and cleaning, a sticky residue is remains, resulting in a cosmetically poor finish with tide marks etc. Other soldermasks do no

Epoxy for solder mask touch up

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 12:47:52 EST 2004 | clampron

Good Day Everyone, I have a BGA rework that has some chipped/damaged solder mask that will need to be repaired prior to BGA replacement. I was wondering what materials are being used in the industry for this type of application. Any help would be g

Epoxy for solder mask touch up

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 10:44:13 EST 2004 | russ

I guess i might want to throw this in for future reference. After speaking with our board supplier he states that this mask is fully cured when it reaches approximately 180C. I beleive this since we usually probe the repaired area after putting the

solder mask removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 14:45:14 EST 2000 | Hoyt Moore

Does anybody know how to remove solder mask from pads that were masked over.

Dispensable peelable solder mask

Electronics Forum | Fri May 21 09:48:30 EDT 2010 | tomg_fla

Am looking for a dispensable water soluble solder mask or peelable solder mask that can be dispensed and be run through a reflow oven with no swelling or degradation. Any leads on any materials or manufacturers to contact?

Accidental solder mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 18 08:38:17 EST 2002 | davef

Thanks Tim. Additional thoughts are: * We've talked here on SMTnet about hole fill previously. * That your ability to get hole fill is probably limited by mask in the hole makes us very uneasy, because hole could have varying levels of solder mask i

solder mask thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 11 11:35:15 EST 2019 | dilogic

Just out of curiosity - what is the rationale behind specifying mask thicknes?

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