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Vitronics Soltec delta 5 energy efficient setup

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 15 13:02:55 EDT 2009 | horvath83

What do you think about optimal setup for 8-hour working shift and 16-hour standby time. What is the most energy efficient setup for standby time? Complete cooldown or maintaining temperature in solder pot?

What is delta t?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 25 11:29:04 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

Forget all the bickering and semantics. EVERYONE IS RIGHT!! ...but then again, in soldering, there IS no right, wrong, or indifferent... just blame. :-) Soldering is, after all, the most difficult process with the most opportunities for defects.

Putting wire in a solder pot

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 08:08:24 EST 2013 | cyber_wolf

I have a 5lb roll of .125" flux core 63/37 solder that I want to melt into a solid slug. Can this be done without making a huge mess and lighting something on fire ?

Vitronics Delta 5

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 22 09:35:06 EDT 2008 | dfhoadle

I hope that we have not lost much quality, but am still bothered by the way our select x is working. It seems to do very well when I can get the nozzle head within 5/1000 of an inch to the board as it passes. However, when I increase that distance

Seho 1135C Wave Solder can't generate sufficient delta wave height

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 23:14:25 EDT 2013 | zsoden

We picked up this old (circa late 80s) Seho 1135 machine last year for next to nothing. It needed a bit of TLC to bring it back to working order but it's 99% working now. The only problem left is that we cannot get sufficient height from the delta wa

Solder pot & wire tinning help

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 11 19:22:02 EDT 2020 | victorzubashev

Hi, 1. do not use flux-cored wire- the smell is bad and flux will evaporate anyway at the time of solder wire melting. 2. as suggested use solder bars, something like this: https://smtnet.com/company/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_company&company_id=39635

Best practice to validate the old - more than 5 year old parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 11 06:47:33 EST 2019 | ameenullakhan

Dear Friends, Need your valuable feedback on how to identify the component is ok or not for manufacturing. Issue : We have parts which are more than 5 years old.And management want us to qualify this parts for production. We presently use below me

solder crack

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 30 20:00:56 EDT 2002 | redmary

the SOIC encounter solder crack after reliability test, the common process is: SMT---manual soldering---IPT(in process test)---potting---T/C(thermal cycling,only add current and voltage)---B/T and F/T (burn in and functional test). the condition is 2

Delta wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 07:52:21 EDT 2017 | tch

We have had this issue on our Delta 3 waves and determined that there are small pin holes in the solder pot. We had plates welded to the outside of our solder pot on the lead free wave and this bought us enough time until we could replace the wave, a

Delta wave solder

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 08 04:24:37 EDT 2016 | aaronpainter

We are having an issue with the solder bars hanging the solder feeder dripping down the back side of the pot, and leaking in to the area where the terminal block for the elements on the pot are. We have tried aluminum tape to close off the gap betwee

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