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Adhesive printing with double side board

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 08:41:16 EDT 2007 | babe7362000

Does anyone out there run the adhesive side first and then the solder side and wash? I was just wondering if this is a good practice or not. I am afraid that we will lose some of the parts, that are just glued on, in the washer? Basically I am try

Adhesive printing with double side board

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 17:15:13 EDT 2007 | blnorman

Unless you've got an extremely agressive cleaner, the epoxy should hold the parts during the delay time. That's their job basically. We ran reflow first pass, glue parts, then wave solder second pass. There were potential delays between adhesive b

Adhesive printing with double side board

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 10:23:36 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

Michelle, Traditionally, the adhesive side is always run first since most designers put passives (resistors, caps) on the adhesive (solder side) of the board. I worked in an environment where we did the adhesive side first, sometimes the boards "sa

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 27 09:58:05 EDT 2011 | davef

Pressure printing systems Conventional stencil printing techniques have fundamental limitations as regards paste handling: The volume of paste available for printing is limited, so frequent replenishment is necessary Paste is difficult to c

Voids in solder fillet

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 17 16:43:09 EDT 2003 | davef

Background: * Bulwith, Ronald A., �Failure Analysis of Solder Joints�, �Insulation/Circuits� magazine, February 1978 * Banks, Donald R., et al., �The Effects of Solder Joint Voiding on Plastic Ball Grid Array Reliability�, Proceedings of the Technica

Problems with TI DSP modules

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 25 21:04:18 EDT 2001 | davef

You are correct. So, the unit amount of gold [based on IG plating thickness, size of the pad, etc.] dissolves in the solder very quickly. When the solder is liquid for: * A long time, the gold disperses more. * A short time, the gold concentrates a

Rejuvenated solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 08:05:00 EST 2004 | davef

Your solder paste is talking to you, follow its message. Listen to the paste. Be at one with the paste. If you insist on ignoring the message of the paste, add more paste, if you just need to complete the last board or so, but you really should ju

Re: Washing boards with paste...?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 14 11:56:38 EDT 1998 | Ben Salisbury

Our company currently donesn't have any type of sonic wash to wash boards that have been "miss printed" Wanting to know the best way to go about this. So what we are having to do is spray down the boards with alcohol and wipeing the solder paste

Problems with TI DSP modules

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 18:08:02 EDT 2001 | davef

1- DF1: WOW!!! How do people get these cool toys? CB: I am with the University at Buffalo Electronic Packaging Lab. http://www.packaging.buffalo.edu We have pretty much everything that is sold on the market as well as Laser inspection technologies we

Peelable solder stop

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 23 03:33:14 EST 1998 | Charles Stringer

Can anyone recommend a solder stop that can be applied by our PCB supplier. Our current material form Tamura Kaken is causing problems. The material should be capable of withstanding 1 Surface mount IR reflow cycle and 1 wave solder cycle. We need t

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