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solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 15:41:00 EST 2000 | MARK RAHLF

Does anyone have any information on inhouse recovery systems for the removal of lead from the dross. There was an article in the march issue of SMT magazine. The web site it directed me to go to is not the correct web site. If anyone has any informat

Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 13:44:29 EST 2000 | Russ

Mark, Try contacting Electrovert/speedline. I believe that they are marketing one. I don't know if this is the right guy to call but give it a try. Bob Galvin - Regional Service manager Western region 408-727-4650 Russ

Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 14:32:48 EST 2000 | Mark Rahlf

Donnie, There is a company out there called Fancort Ind. their web site is www.fancort.com. thank you everyone for your responses. Mark

Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 01 01:01:43 EST 2000 | Brian Hatfield

Bob Galvin is no longer with Speedline/Electrovert. He has been gone for almost 2 years. The current Western Region Field Service Manager for Speedline is Randy Banks. 408 727 4650 is the correct number however.

Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 13:48:07 EST 2000 | John Storjohann

A number of years ago I used a Kester product called Solder Saver. It is a thick liquid that one squirts onto the dross on a hot solder pot. It separates out the solder leaving a crust of almost clean dross. Unfortunately a mask is still required. Th

Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 00:47:00 EST 2000 | Donnie DeYoung

Mark, If you find out anything please let me know. The only way we do it is by hand using a slotted spoon and dumping the lead and dross into a 3 gallon bucket and having it taken off site and recycled. It's a pain in the neck, and I don't like we

Solder paste recovery

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 16:58:20 EST 2000 | blnorman

Does anyone have any experience with solder paste recovery? Specifically, partially emptied solder paste tubes. We are currently looking into ways to reduce and potentially eliminate solder paste waste. One of the largest contributors is partially

Re: Solder paste recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 21:06:02 EST 2000 | Dave F

Tell me where I can learn more about vacuum casting and its application to solder paste, please.

Re: Solder paste recovery

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 18:10:13 EST 2000 | Michael Parker

Norman- I would be pushing to get the real world to match the ideal world, in other words get your jobsetters to do the right thing. You are looking to incur more costs to justify not having to make people do their job right. A bit of training a

Re: Solder paste recovery

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 10:50:24 EST 2000 | blnorman

Vacuum casting (same process used to make solid rocket motors) should remove any air from the paste. We had thought of pressurizing the tubes to remove the residual paste, but that would entrap air. The problem of tubes sitting out for different

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