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Solder splash from component terminal

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 12 22:52:20 EST 2017 | ltchsze

Hi fellow professionals, Wondering whether anyone has experience with solder splashing from component terminal. Have identified the source using the component without printing solder paste on PCB. Wondering the root-cause of the solder splashing fr

Solder splash from component terminal

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 16:39:03 EST 2017 | ltchsze

Thanks for input, dyoungquist. The condition here is without any flux or paste applied. Solder from component terminal started splashing by itself when put through re-flow.

Solder splash from component terminal

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 10:41:14 EST 2017 | dyoungquist

Could be that your temperature ramp up rate is too fast. This could cause the flux in the solder paste to burn off too rapidly. When that happens, it can expand as it heats up and burns off, causing the solder to get spread out from the pad.

Solder splash from component terminal

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 14:59:20 EDT 2017 | solderingpro

Hello Henry, I believe some further clarification may be needed for someone to assist. Is the component already soldered prior to reflow? Does the component have paste already applied going through reflow? (or as per my previous question, is it al

bubbles in solder pot

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 14 20:42:24 EDT 2023 | stephendo

In a previous lifetime, we had a selective solder machine where I would see solder splashes in the roof of it. I thought someone might have been putting the solder extremely high. But when it was melting there would be bubbles that burst. The manufac

solder splatter inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 29 17:30:07 EST 2001 | davef

You give no clue of what you want to write about. Let's try this: J-STD-001, 8.3.1 Particulate Matter says words to the effect of solder balls / splats shall be neither: * Loose or able to be dislodged during normal service � NOR * Violate minimu

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 15:11:35 EST 2007 | chef

Blew chunks - thanx for thinking outside the box. Of course there's two sides to every story. Just last week I had a new operator "splash" a couple of boards. Top solder was great, it was all one big solder bridge. Come to find out, the operator forg

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 12:52:40 EST 2002 | slthomas

We're trying a selective soldering pallet for the first time with mixed reviews. Are solder balls a prevalent problem with this process? Most of them seem to correspond with pallet wall locations....is it too much turbulence from the rotary chip wav

What will be the effect of additional solder paste?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 19 13:23:33 EDT 2016 | vchauhan

We are using Vicor SMT J-Lead VI Chip which is big component on the bottom side. The manufacturer recommends to have 6 mil stencil but the customer required 10 mil stencil. The PWB has gold contacts on both sides. We noticed some mini solder splashes

Solder Splash/Balls and Flux Splash/Balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 15 07:23:14 EST 2021 | denism

Also, solder splashes can be due to contamination, for example, on the terminals of components. In the past, had a problem with solder splashes on a seemingly standard SMD component. The reason was the incorrect nickel plating process of the componen

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