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White residue VS No clean

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 29 09:17:20 EDT 2001 | davef

Tough to say, but ... Chlorine: Many fluxes contain chlorine. Sulphur: Many solders and paper packing materials contain sulphur. Sodium: No idea. IPC-J-001 talks to board cleanliness and specifies criteria according to the cleanliness test met

Dryer Indicator

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 02:21:14 EST 2005 | Nifhail

I've heard about the dessicator i.e.useless in sealed bags, ineffectual, but have not heard about the Dryer Indicator will contaminate the immersion Silver/Tin surface. Can someone help? I was told that the dryer indicator (HIC) that contains sulphur

PCB becomes darken (yellownish)

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 23 08:43:32 EDT 2008 | davef

Ugh, there are more reasons that immersion silver [IAg] to go yellowish than pigs at the county fair. That aside, sulphur is one of the reasons, as you say. The sulphur can be from a variety of sources, such as: * Pollution in the air * Ill advised p

Reflow Oven Chain Lubrication

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 13 22:19:28 EDT 2002 | mikestringer

Hi Everyone What lubricants do your maintenance people use for the chains in your Reflow ovens? The manuals for our ovens have one recommendation - but I am always open to other people�s experiences and recommendations. Another option may be easie

Re: Tombstoning 0402

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 26 12:35:09 EST 2000 | Dave F

Your English is fine. Your assessment that corrosion on a portion of the metalization on the end of a component is causing the tombstoning is reasonable. We've seen that before. Corroded components received from a supplier is not acceptable as an


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