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Cleanliness test

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 11:35:30 EST 2003 | Richard

Cleanliness test � �Area Grid Arrays�. Evaluation of residues� resistivity in a specific location on the board. (As compared to �Solvent Extract� evaluation.) We are: SMT assembly, using standard �water soluble� process with micro BGAs (example: C

ROSE testing for no-clean flux soldering assemblies

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 17:06:27 EDT 2019 | bulur

Hello Mike, Thank you for your response. This information is very helpful for us. Thank you again,

ROSE testing for no-clean flux soldering assemblies

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 11:36:27 EDT 2019 | bulur

How does no-clean flux residues on a PCB assembly impact the ROSE testing? Does no-clean flux residues on the PCBA dissolve in solution of ROSE tester and increase ionic contaminants level in terms of NaCl per surface area? Is ROSE tester solution (a

ROSE testing for no-clean flux soldering assemblies

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 13:32:54 EDT 2019 | aqueous

ROSE testing a post-reflow assembly which has been reflowed using no-clean flux may not yield information that is helpful. No-clean flux technology works by encapsulating the flux's activators and other chemical constitutes that would be harmful if l

Reliability test on PCBA

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 04:27:31 EST 2000 | teohbengee

Need help urgently. Anyone can provide me some information or site on reliability test on PCB assembly like solder joint or anything. Some test like ERSA Test, SHMOO Test, Pull Test, Temperature cycle and humidity Test, vibration Test or any related

printing solder paste on test vias

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 23:35:20 EDT 2003 | kennyg

For ICT purposes I may need to print solder paste on 0.015" test vias. No-clean is not an option for this assembly and OA seems the only choice. Can flux be safely removed from inside the via from the other side during a standard water wash process

Solderability test - OSP

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 12 15:37:51 EST 2016 | cinthiaap

IPC-4555 has not completed yet. According to IPC org, it will be complete in mid-2017. Is there another guideline about OSP finish surface? In fact, we assembled 50 pieces and no problem. But in solderability test we have problems in some features. D

BGA Pull test

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 26 17:01:08 EDT 2004 | Mike

Hi Guy's thank you for the Info, This is a New Assembly house that our OEM has Moved to and they have not been very open in discussing this issue other than they are telling us this is board related. I have ask for samples of faild product with th

via as test point

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 20:02:42 EST 2001 | davef

First, I don�t understand why your board fabricator can�t do a good job plugging your vias. Additionally, when you consider that they forgot to plug the first batch of boards, it makes me wonder if they are desirable as a supplier. Generally, we us

Cleaning PCB assemblies

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 11:06:12 EST 2006 | melby

We are going to start conformal coating PCB assemblies, and I was wondering about cleaning the boards before coating them. Do I need to clean them and if so, with what? We currently us a no clean solder. I am worried about contamination on the board

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