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Re: wave solder process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 17 13:51:32 EDT 1999 | Kelly Morris

| Does anyone know where I can find a list of things to do to when troubleshooting issues during the wave solder process? | | for example: | | Solder Bridge | 1.verify amount of flux been aplied. | 2.verify turbulance on your solder wave. | 3.etc.

solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 15:41:00 EST 2000 | MARK RAHLF

Does anyone have any information on inhouse recovery systems for the removal of lead from the dross. There was an article in the march issue of SMT magazine. The web site it directed me to go to is not the correct web site. If anyone has any informat

Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 14:32:48 EST 2000 | Mark Rahlf

Donnie, There is a company out there called Fancort Ind. their web site is www.fancort.com. thank you everyone for your responses. Mark

Laser selective solder machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 22 11:27:01 EDT 2005 | ddennison

Go to the following web site: http://www.pro-mation-inc.com/ Contact: Gary Goldberg at 847-812-1289 if you have any questions!

Dual Wave solder system

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 10:03:32 EST 2005 | dougeidle

Speedline ELECTROVERT sells a Quick Change Pot option and accessories. The option is available as a field Upgrade. Our web page has a dedicated PB Free process section; http://www.speedlinetech.com/lead_free/index.aspx I work for Speedline. I am t

what is wonder solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 08 08:28:27 EDT 2004 | davef

Wonder Solder [ TRT-Wonder.com ] is a proprietary silver solder. Some cynics might say Wonder Solder got its name because the people that started the firm wondered if anyone was crazy enough to pay that much for solder. Most audiophile silver solde

solder iron tips

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 17:05:36 EDT 2004 | babe

If you have deep pockets and wish to spend alot of money over the next few years, then yes, call Metcal. Whatever solder iron you plan to use, it is my suggestion that you take a look at the board that you are going to solder. How big are the pads? H

MS2 molten solder surfactant

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 14 09:35:25 EST 2006 | Baer

Let me give some information on the use of MS2. The average wave solder machine will use one liter per five day week per 8 hour shift. The usage can vary + or - 20%. Instead of removing 6 to 10 Lbs of dross every 3 hours you will have to remove 100 M

Cleaning wave solder pallets.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 16:40:24 EDT 2008 | bschreiber

As I am certain you have discovered, no clean solder paste has removed most inline cleaners from the production floor and the pallets that were cleaned simultaneously with the PCBs are now accumulating flux residue. Permali, the maker of Durostone

MS2 molten solder surfactant

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 15 17:37:30 EST 2006 | Dan Feinberg

Greetings all, Dross has no value to the assembler. It actually degrades quality as a clean solder pot provides a more consistent process. Yes, removing dross does remove some metallic contaminates but that is overkill, like throwing away your refrig

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