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Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 11 09:28:14 EDT 2002 | davef

Designers love to do BIG copper pours for several reasons: * Maximize heat spreading. * Increase EMI shielding. * Laziness. The poor folk that solder the parts on boards HATE big copper planes near solder pads. During soldering, fat copper traces [


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 11 09:54:34 EDT 2002 | russ

For whatever its worth, IPC does not require a full fillet in this situation. If it has to be a complete fillet due to contractual agreements you may want to try and preheat the board first with hot air or something and then solder. Russ


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 11 03:17:52 EDT 2002 | Adam

Guys I was wondering if anybody has some useful advice with regards to achieving 100% solder penetration on one pin of a through hole device which I believe is attached to a ground plane. All other pins on the through hole device are fine, Just this


Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 12:58:15 EDT 2002 | babe

I agree with everything stated thus far. However, what soldering iron are you using. You may be able to solder the pin with an iron that delivers continuous heat and if there is room utilize a large tip as a heat reservoir. What happens is that the i

QFP100 solderability

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 08:24:07 EDT 2008 | davef

Have you: * Checked the solderability of the component through a test such as Dip & Look? * Checked the solderability of the board by pasting and reflowing a bare board? * Checked the quality of the solder paste print prior to component placement? *

solderability problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 11 04:06:46 EST 2005 | arnold

we are manufacturer of molded type transformer. we have a trim and form process and its damage the pins of our units. the TIN insulation was being damage so we decide to immediately solder (wave soldering) the units to avoid oxidation. my question is

solderability problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 14 09:57:37 EST 2005 | davef

If the solder that you apply bonds well to the metal terminations of the transformers, your customers should have no solderability problems related to your components.

solderability test

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 03 22:15:13 EST 2002 | caldon

RPS (Robtic Process Systems - I think) Makes a system called a Wet Balance tester. This machine is useful for Solderability on PCB sections and Components. Also for more info please go to http://www.empf.org/html/empfset.htm and down load Decemeber

solderability problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 11 04:35:06 EST 2005 | Rob

Hi Arnold, Some wave solder machines have a preheat function, that raises the board temperature before soldering. Some transformers use single use thermal fuses/TCO's inside, that trip at a set value (in a range approx. 70 degrees C to 180 degrees

Connector solderability

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 17:50:46 EST 2002 | davef

I hear you on the profiling issue. That won't get at the issue any how. Your observation of solder wetting confirms that solderability is NOT the issue. You may be seeing a "cold solder connection". The issue is the TCE of the different materia

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