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Alloy for solderballs search ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 28 14:03:03 EDT 1998 | Achim

We want to produce BGA�s which will be see burn in conditions of 140�C / 24h active tested. Now we think about problems for the solderball uniformity. Does anybody know about problems or about special solderball alloys for such productsconditions ?

LGA and Solderballs

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 17:43:03 EST 2006 | IRAS

I'm looking to gain some knowledge on potential causes of solderballs on LGA's and advice on how to eliminate them. we all seeing some solderballs on only the edges of the LGA. Any inputs will be greatful.

AOI ( automated optical inspection) benchmark

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 03:43:49 EST 2002 | madreindeer

David, I can say this we have 2 vision systems Orbotech and Omron. Both working OK but there is a problem with both....They find a solderballs in board and there is no solderballs! Otherwise can not tell what is a best system. Regards, MadReind


Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 19 15:50:14 EST 2006 | ausajid

hi any body can help reducing/completely finishing of solderballs / solderbeads after reflow on surface mount. i will be appreciated upon suggestions and techniques. regards


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 20 01:06:07 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good morning, Check these articles out, it can clue you problem: http://www.smtinfo.net/Db/_Solderballing.html BR, Pavel

Solder Ball Criteria

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 26 06:57:49 EDT 2009 | lococost

That's the thing, IPC states you can leave solderballs on if they are stuck on securely... We are never sure they are, so we remove all solderballs.

Solderball Removal

Electronics Forum | Thu May 23 03:10:43 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi mates, need your advise here. we have solderballs on a model due to neglect by stubborn folks to follow issued process control instructions. the post-reflow PCBA has solderballs stuck in the NC flux residue and is not in compliance to IPC-A-610

Indium NC-SMQ92J paste problems

Electronics Forum | Wed May 12 08:35:20 EDT 2004 | solderpro

yes this paste is a pain in the paste.... there are very few reasons for solderballs, component to pad ratio and placement.... solder paste control, using a mixer, not hand mixing, checking viscosity and temp..... or simply and bad profile and your

Solderball melting point

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 12 08:39:38 EDT 2017 | jefri_simorangkir

we are turning on the printer, suddenly the printer is off after checking there is solderball on pad capacitor component 0603 our question is what can a solderball stuck on one pad can when melting and causing shortsolder (being connected with other

Solder Ball on PCB pad after printing (DEK)

Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 19:21:24 EDT 2021 | markhoch

Verify your aperture reductions in the stencil. Are the solderballs always in the same location? Same size & shape? Is the solder leaching through plated thermal holes from the opposite side of the PCB? Are you using stencil apertures designed to min

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