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How compatible is SN100C wave on SAC305 hasl pcb or vice-versa?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 29 23:39:11 EDT 2006 | Faizal

Can anyone advice me on the effect of SN100C wave solder on SAC305 hasl board? I suppose the silver content on the hasl pcb would leech(contaminate) into solder pot.? Would it affect the surface bonding between copper pad and the solder.?

solder balls on pcb

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 27 14:28:19 EDT 2008 | patrickbruneel

Do you refer to the highlight in the picture as a solderball? Looks more like copper to me.

solder balls on pcb

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 04 12:58:17 EST 2008 | smt123

I have to agree with Patrick here. This image appears to show a board that is NOT HASL as there is what appears to be a copper pad in the upper portion of the image. But then again the arrow tip appears to be white and I woudl expect that to be red s

solder balls on pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 19:59:05 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

solder ball was caused by hasl process not reflow. seen before many times, look around wells of smt on bare boards should be more of them

solder balls on pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 23:38:48 EDT 2008 | pathakvj

We have 8 layer HASL PCB. We saw molten solder blobs / balls on op side of assembled PCB. (to check, if this was a bare board problem), We passed bare board as received thru, SMT reflow oven and saw solder balls on top side of board. What could be th

solder balls on pcb

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 24 06:55:48 EDT 2008 | clampron

Good Morning WS, If you experieced the solder balls after reflow of a bare board through the oven, then the source of the solder is either the oven or the board. I have had boards with untented via's that were HASL'd that had entrapped solder and fl

HASL on Pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 14 11:44:23 EDT 2004 | Dreamsniper

I have boards with bad HASL application. First they're not even. Second some pad edges have no HASL and still remains bare copper. What's the maximum and minimum HASL thickness required for a good solderability. My boards are about 6 weeks old, I kno

silver finishes on pcbs

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 09:42:44 EST 2000 | jacqueline

Hi there, Could someone please tell me diferences and possible benefits that are found when using silver as a pcb finish as opposed to HASL. I've already tried the archives without much luck. ta much, jack

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 21:20:23 EDT 2001 | davef

Aw, don't be such a baby!!! ;-) It's a blank of a lot cheaper than ENIG. Costs about the same as HASL, maybe even cheaper. Why not have your fab build-up a split a lot [er, maybe build a few extra, whatever.] next time you order your "favorite" b

adhesive on pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 20:10:24 EST 2002 | davef

Oh. [Howabout if I smack you?] If ahma connectin� wif whut yer sayin�, you: * Don�t like the appearance of the glue slobberin� out from under the component even though there is no apparent glue on solderable surfaces. * Concerned about the hydrosco

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