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BGA soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 28 09:24:10 EST 2003 | davef

Running a soldered BGA through a wave solder pot is very risky: * 230-240*C temperature of the pot could damage the device. * Solder in the pot will certainly cause bridging between BGA solder balls. * Solder in the pot could melt BGA solder balls.

"volcano" soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 22 12:55:13 EDT 1998 | Pat Phipps

I'm looking for information on "volcano" soldering or mini-wave soldering. I need to solder a leaded device, thru-hole, on a already populated smt PCB. I want to do localized soldering on the pins of the device. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue May 28 11:31:05 EDT 2002 | markt

I am wave soldering, do I have to change the hole size for solder pre-forms or press-fit?

QFN soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 08:28:28 EDT 2012 | williamaxler

In the IPC-A-610E standard QFNs are classified as BTC (bottom termination components). Most QFNs do not have a solder-able surface on the outside of the part. Usually the lead that you can see on the outside is copper and classified is not solder-a

Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 17:18:57 EDT 1999 | Erik

What selective soldering products should I use for a low production rate, high-mix product line? I am looking to get rid of some hand soldering. I have seen exselect (selective soldering pot method), pillarhouse (small flow solder nozzle with robot),

Wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue May 28 13:14:31 EDT 2002 | zanolli

Hello Mark, I'll assume that you are currently wave soldering and would like to eliminate that operation by using pre-forms or press-fit connectors. Solder preforms or solder flux bearing connector leads usually do not require any hole size changes,

BGA soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 28 10:45:22 EST 2003 | Gabriele

After following the suggestions above, and where it would not be possible to mask BGA by soldering fixture, a Kapton tape (pre-punched) can be placed under BGA ( wave solder source side ) it can help to keep temperature low enough avoiding "seconda

wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 11 04:13:23 EST 2005 | arnold

we are manufacturer of molded type transformer and we soldered are units using wave soldering machine and then we washed the units to remove flux residue. what materials or any process for us to eliminate the process of washing after wave soldering.

Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri May 30 07:00:41 EDT 2008 | radizouani

What is the distance between smd components that should be held in consideration due to selective soldering ( size soldering nozzle) ? What is your advise due to the purshase a selective soldering machine.

soldering books

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 18:51:59 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

Looking for the best choice in books on soldering processes, primarily reflow but wave is going to be with us for a while so..... If you had to buy one today, which would you start with? Here's the list I gleened from the archives: Coombs, CF, "Pr

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