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Nodules in barrel plating

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 14:07:26 EDT 2000 | Steve

Hi ya'll!! We've got some PCB's in receiving inspection that has these little nodules in plating inside all of the barrels. These are microwave PCB's and have almost all of the surface area on both sides covered with with solid metal planes, and no

THM Solder barrel fill issues on 93 mils board

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 17:03:13 EDT 2013 | hegemon

I think your pre-heat temp is a little low for SAC 305 Soldering. Especially with a Pallet. You might want to try to add some time and temp to get the PWB itself preheated up to 150-160C. That should help with the barrel fill. Make sure your board

THM Solder barrel fill issues on 93 mils board

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 09:09:50 EDT 2013 | wcheew

I am having solder barrel fill issues on THM component, we follow, we follow IPC 610 E requirement. The barrel fill issues happen on signal & ground pin at connector & E-cap. I found out that most of the insufficient solder happen on the connector ag

Wire to board soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 21:30:05 EDT 2006 | davef

The minimum vertical hole fill is defined as follows: Class 1: Not specified, with a 270-degree circumferential fillet and wetting on the secondary (solder source side) of lead and barrel, and a 75% coverage of the land area on the secondary side. Cl

wave soldering two times

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 04 07:44:25 EDT 2007 | davef

Thermal cycle* * Requirements for and troubleshooting of poor barrel fill => Hole fill

Wave soldering preheat temperature

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 14 00:04:21 EDT 2001 | zam_bri

I'm not a Wave soldering guy and my friend have asked me a question on what is the best preheat time and temperature for Wave soldering.They experiences only 10% flow up thru the PTH barrel. I've asked them to increase the temperatue to 120 Deg C. Cu

wave soldering two times

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 04 03:39:39 EDT 2007 | ahdo

Good day, can i seek an advice regarding wave soldering. Will it be advisable to reload the board two times to improve its barrel fill volume? If yes, what is the maximum number of times we can repeat wave soldering on the same board. If no, what

Intrusive reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 21 19:41:25 EST 2003 | neil

I have had a look at what Bob Willis say's and the answer to my problem is not there. The paste we are using has a very high viscosity and I beleive that if we reduce the metal content to less than 90% it will solve the problem. The problem is parti

Preheater for hand soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 14:40:42 EST 2013 | hegemon

My own preference in this arena is towards the forced air convection style preheat, the key being the forced air. Radiant preheat is too slow for some, and IR preheat can have other issues that convection (or radiant) will not. Zephyrtronics has bee

Preheater for hand soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 20 15:20:34 EST 2013 | hegemon

Depending on your requirements, you could range from a hair dryer, heat gun, toaster oven, hot plate, on up to digitally controlled surfaces and convective systems. You'll have to gauge for yourself whether you are just trying to add some heat energy

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