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solder iron tips

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 15:18:13 EDT 2004 | Claude_Couture

No offence, but have you ever used a soldering iron? The usage dictates the shape you need. small pads require small tips, big pads require big tips. Then you have chisel tips, cone tips, etc... that is to your preference or what you feel more comfor

solder iron tips

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 25 13:35:33 EDT 2004 | Sly

I am looking for how to choose right solder iron tip for different application for example THT soldering, smt soldering. What kind of iron tips should i use? Where can i find guide with diagrams about it in internet?

solder iron tips

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 17:05:36 EDT 2004 | babe

If you have deep pockets and wish to spend alot of money over the next few years, then yes, call Metcal. Whatever solder iron you plan to use, it is my suggestion that you take a look at the board that you are going to solder. How big are the pads? H

solder iron tips

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 14:15:53 EDT 2004 | Kirk

thank you for suggestion but i need some more basic information i mean when should i use short tip or long tip, short is better to heat transfer but what about long one, there are curved solder tips what application? Kirk

solder iron tips

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 16:51:46 EDT 2004 | russ

Steve, I didn't say "buy metcal" I said to contact them. I agree they are expensive to operate. But they do have a pretty good website and great knowledge on how to select the right tip. The thread poster appears that he needs to start at the begi

solder iron tips

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 09:01:36 EDT 2004 | russ

Contact Metcal. Russ

solder iron tips

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 12:13:57 EDT 2004 | Jack

You can find the procedures for different package types in the IPC-7711 & 7721 manuals. These can be purchased from the IPC.[http://www.ipc.org/] You can also try Circuit Technology: http://www.circuittechctr.com/guides/guides.shtml These manuals and

Soldering iron calibration

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 19 15:37:40 EST 2010 | ehess

does anyone know of a simple way to calibrate sodering irons, without having to purchase those expensive calibration modules?

Soldering iron calibration

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 19 21:30:52 EST 2010 | davef

Approaches are: * Thermal profiler that you use to calibrate your oven. * Any chromel-alumel [Type K] fine wire thermocouple with a cheapo instrument attached will do the job

min kV requirement

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 03 11:51:44 EDT 2002 | Troy

A 50KV machine will allow you to see solder bridges and balls under the BGA. It will also allow you to check placement and can "see" through the metal housing. If you want to inspect for voids, then you what to look at equipment in the 100KV range.

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