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ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 10:24:53 EST 2013 | jaimebc

Recently, we have been experimenting with the 1.8/2.5 nozzle to be able to solder leads that are near an SMD. This pcbs were not design for selective solder, so we are trying to work within this limitations. I found the 1.8 nozzle very hard to insta

wettable or nonwettable solder nozzle

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 29 16:38:15 EST 2017 | mekmat544

Hello all, I would like to ask you about difference between wettable and nonwettable solder nozzle: Are there some pros and cons for each type? Thank you. Mekmat

Melfs drops down from nozzle

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 08:22:56 EDT 2023 | richardcargill

A lot of MELF components have solder ends that stand slightly proud of the main body where your vacuum would lift them, so vacuum leaks are most likely the culprit. Upping the Vacuum to the nozzle may help, but better thing would be to modify the noz

Selective solder nozzle cleaning ( Sn/pB)

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 04:28:18 EDT 2006 | ge_lim

Hi Anyone use Warton Active '8' flux to clean the nozzle? Share me your experience

How to stop components moving on nozzle

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 21:16:29 EDT 2018 | sarason

And if it is a hard rubber nozzle for a large IC make sure it is still pliable. And solder paste isn't stuck up the end of your nozzle sarason

Coating on solder nozzle for Vitronics selective machine?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 16 15:39:07 EDT 2011 | mwest

What type of coating is used on the Vitronics selective solder nozzles? Any help?

Coating on solder nozzle for Vitronics selective machine?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 10:37:37 EDT 2011 | tombstonesmt

We do not use a Victronics selective solder but we you activ8 102 stainless steel flux from worton metals for our nozzles. Hope this helps.

Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 17:18:57 EDT 1999 | Erik

What selective soldering products should I use for a low production rate, high-mix product line? I am looking to get rid of some hand soldering. I have seen exselect (selective soldering pot method), pillarhouse (small flow solder nozzle with robot),

Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri May 30 07:00:41 EDT 2008 | radizouani

What is the distance between smd components that should be held in consideration due to selective soldering ( size soldering nozzle) ? What is your advise due to the purshase a selective soldering machine.

soldering robot

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 08:45:03 EDT 2007 | pjc

I have seen point-to-point soldering iron tip robots in action at a number of factories. The problem is repeatability at delivering good solder joints. Consider a small selective solder machine, the nozzle type: www.ace-protech.com www.air-vac-eng.c

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