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Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 16:06:34 EST 2003 | slthomas

Something else I just thought of, and MikeK touched on it briefly, is what you'll be cleaning. If you need to be capable of removing both epoxy and solder paste, for instance, you need to look at chemistry and processes that will clean both, and the

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 14:09:59 EST 2003 | Bill Schreiber

Hello Alwil, It appears that some of the other respondents are recommending that the waste stream be discharged to drain, if possible. Keep in mind, the chemistry used is not the only factor to determine legal drain disposal. If you are cleaning s

US cleaner vs meshed stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 11:04:42 EST 2007 | slthomas

We had that problem when our stencil supplier changed epoxies to a more environmentally friendly chemistry. Reducing the temp. in the cleaner solved the problem.

US cleaner vs meshed stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 10:24:48 EST 2007 | d0min0

Hello, for 1 year we are using meshed stencils and us cleaner, and suddenly we faced few stencils glued off the mesh... anyone can comment this phenomenon? is this safe? or you also had problems with such configuration regards

Ekra E5 cleaner dispenser problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 03 00:22:02 EST 2003 | Steve

We have an Ekra E5 that uses what looks like standard auto valve stems to dispense the cleaning fluid. They leak.. Are they just standard schrader valves or are special to withstand the chemistry of stencil cleaner?

Ekra E5 cleaner dispenser problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 06 11:04:39 EST 2003 | slthomas

Bummer. Are you using the EPAC stuff that they recommend, or something else? We used IPA for a while, then changed to a run-of-the-mill stencil cleaning solvent (aliphatic hydrocarbon based, like the EPAC solvent) that's a lot cheaper and does the

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 02:46:48 EST 2007 | Stephen- SMT engineer trainee

Which stencil cleaners are RoHS compliant and cost effective? (We are currently using IPA for stencil cleaning, but there are some problems.So, we suggest to use VIGON SC 200?Is it good for stencil cleaning? Or any other suggestions?)

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 13:15:52 EST 2003 | Mike Konrad

The specific answer depends on what your specific application includes. #1: What are you removing? (solder paste, adhesives) #2: What are you cleaning? (stencils, screens, misprints, pallets) #3: What type of machine are you using? (Spray-in

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 15:26:44 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

What object am I cleaning 2>What chemicals/deposits am I removing (Chemistry?? 3>What is the process my machine uses. Now if Water Based works than you are OK from a cleaning aspect. The only problem as Mike noted, at least to my reading, is what ca

Batch cleaner

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 12:57:00 EDT 2010 | jrr3434

Thanks for the info mike. How well do these batch cleaners work with densely populated through hole boards that were solder with no clean flux? Is there a problem with water getting trapped under large capacitors? I'm using kester 959t for flux on b

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