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Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 02:52:40 EST 2010 | Jacki

Hi Dave Thanks however the Forums you mentioned isn't enough to solve my proble, PCB warpage after cooling down. Hope someone can advise me more.

Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 10:56:40 EST 2010 | remullis

7' is a typo, sorry for that. We have 7"x13". But I will be running some at 18" in a few months.

Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 23:05:32 EST 2011 | aungthura

Hi Eadthem Your way isn't work for our big size Board(620x440x7mm).After pressing the Alu Bars on the edges, the warpage happened more wider.So, we r using clamps to adjust PCB expension. Anyway, thx for sharing.

Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 10:57:29 EST 2010 | davef

Warpage tells you that design and/or fabrication process and/or assembly process need[s] to be corrected. Here's a link to a recent thread on SMTnet that seems to answer some of your questions: http://www.smtnet.com/Forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_I

Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 18:22:43 EST 2011 | eadthem

What we use for boards the engineers made to big is aluminum flat bar 1/8 to 1/16 thick about 1 inch wide. we fold it in 1/2 so it fits snuggly on the pcb and just press it on the ends before reflow. id assume the same thing would work on wave but

Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 04:23:27 EST 2010 | Jacki

Dear All I hope I can get some advice of PCB experts in here.My problem is - after wave, our big board, 640x420x1.7mm, had a warpage when the board was cooled down after wave. PCB was flat while being warm.I had tried with many type of pallet and mad

Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 18 08:23:33 EST 2010 | remullis

I experienced warpage on a 7'x 13" long board, unfortunately my oven does not have center support. I use stiffeners on both of the short ends. It fixed my problem. Some of the things I was experiencing with the warpage on the second pass were placem

Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 19 23:22:11 EST 2010 | Jacki

Hi Rem Woo, ur board is such long one,7'. Our PCB is only 2' long but 3.5kg weight b4 solder. We use wave machine to solder it and PCB was sit on the pallet. all PCB side lengths are pressed by clamps. PCB was flat just after wave, however there was

Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 10:42:58 EST 2010 | hegemon

I believe there is a lot pertinent information in the thread that Dave forwarded... But (IMHO)I think you can look at two things first. First, is your wave solder process friendly to this large PCB, is there enough pre-heat in the board before it h

How to solve the con. covered with flux

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 08 22:14:38 EDT 1999 | Michael

Right now,we have some problem on SMT. Cause of the flux residue in the connector. Do somebody have the same symptom? By the way, can i find something to make the flux observe easy or take a photo with the flux.

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