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Papers Listed In Library Download Poorly

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 22:22:06 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Problems with downloading papers from the library not withstanding, downloading other papers in the library is problematic, as follows: Understanding SP440 Heating & Vacuum Functions Credit/ Source: LEO HUERTA, TECHNICAL SERVICES ENGINEER Works fi

BGA Reballing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 11:12:37 EST 2005 | diablo19delta

Hey JP, Try using I-Source for your stencils. www.i-source.com

Best source for 50lb of SN100C bar

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 13:42:08 EDT 2008 | comatose

I'm looking to fill a solder fountain with 50lb of SN100C. My usual source for paste and the like doesn't stock this alloy. We run double sided reflow, so we're not going to be needing hundreds of pounds for a wave machine at any point. Who is the


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 09 09:11:57 EDT 2003 | davef

What is the source of these attrited components?

Solder beading with PCB from different fab

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 20:16:31 EDT 2011 | tkirk

We recently decided to try using a different source for our bare boards to save money. On two different batches of PCBs now from the new source, we are seeing beading including some serious enough to short out underneath 0805 parts. We have never re

Gold cleaning and repairing,and flux paste source

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 16 03:09:35 EDT 2000 | Sartor

I am in trouble with gold finger cleaning and repairing.Can anyone recommend good solutions?Also,can anyone recommend a good flux paste source(s)?Thanks.

Now, to find a source....

Electronics Forum | Mon May 08 11:49:18 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

Thanks Dave. Figured you'd come through on that one. Any recommendations for a source, and for other good reading as well? Found a Brit site, but would like to avoid international shipping costs if possible...... Thanks again. Steve

cartridge filter for lead

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 12:59:43 EST 1999 | Wade

I am looking for a source of replaceable cartridge filters to remove lead that is in solution in the water from my defluxing system. All sources and/or comments are appreciated!

Source Automation

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 06 06:43:13 EDT 1999 | K

Has anyone ever come across a magazine called Source Automation ? I understand that it deals with 2nd hand equipment for the SMT industry , although Im not sure if it is a UK or US magazine. Thanks

Source for purchasing Vacuum Pick up cups

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 16 11:09:25 EST 1998 | Don Beardsley

I'm looking for sources to purchase vacuum pick up cups used on SMT placement machines. We are an OEM supplier of I/C handlers and have a need to purchase quanties of vacuum cups for a variety of device sizes.

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