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artistic performances with electronic clothes

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 23:49:55 EST 2001 | caldon

WOW! Can't beleive I have input for this one. Try BOSE Corporation in USA. The Head quarters are located in MA and production is located in South Carolina. www.BOSE.com Best regards, acoustiCAL (Weak I know)

Black Pad

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 24 20:39:01 EDT 2003 | davef

3NaH2PO3 + H2SO4 + 2H2 + Ni^0 Potassium is co-deposited with the nickel, as follows: H2PO2^- + Hads => H2O + OH^- + P 3H2PO2^- + P => H2PO3^- + H2O + 2OH^- Nick Biunno gives a very short, over simplified summary: "Everybody looks at the nickel, b

capacitors factory

Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 17:07:56 EDT 2002 | davef

Troubles, troubles, troubles. If it weren�t for bad luck, I wouldn't no luck at all, eh? Tough business. Comments on your trouble are: * On machine vision errors from less than ideal capacitors: This is life. Reprogram your machine to either wid


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