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Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 16 19:05:57 EST 2002 | davidduke

Steve , I agree with all the responses you have received. Randy Villeneuve is absolutly correct in all of his assesments and I would consider him an expert with the process , Gris is correct about adding a "heat sink" to the process complicating pr

Solderbridges wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 04 21:42:12 EST 2006 | KEN

Keep in mind that device pitch, pad geometry, lead length and even alloy type will play a roll in your evaluation. I have an assembly that we run 10k pieces per month. One two-pin connector has a pitch of 1.27mm. Unfortunately, the pads are 0.007"

What is the preffered spacing between PTH and SMT pads

Electronics Forum | Fri May 01 06:49:31 EDT 2009 | davef

minimum space between selective wave soldering pallet's opening to the nearest PTH or SMT pad? * http://www.agicorp.com/pdf_files/Designguidelines903.pdf * http://www.datumdynamics.com/resources/dfm_wavesolder.html?PHPSESSID=a73b3bc8bbd55519bffbb68

What is the preffered spacing between PTH and SMT pads

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 30 02:39:48 EDT 2009 | michafogel

Thanks for the info so far, but still need a number or a formula to calculate. The site you have point me to can support in a way, but if I want to release a design procedure to our editors, a number will be very helpful. One more issue is what can b

Selective wave selection

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 19:57:07 EST 2002 | davef

Selective soldering machines are a good way to "finish automation", if the design of the PCB is conducive to the application with just a few components to solder. Your points are good. A decision matrix for selecting a machine might also include:

Trouble with wave solder pallet

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 10:24:35 EST 2005 | SuePH

The pallets are made of a black composite that is 5MM thick, and yes, the bottom is beveled to the cut out space for the connectors. The wave solder machine is a Treiber, so the wave height is hand set. I always aim for the center of the leading edg

Wave Solder question

Electronics Forum | Tue May 29 07:06:03 EDT 2012 | aj

spacing is very tight but you should be able to get it right... If possible try and run it at 45 degrees over the wave and see how you get on... we had a similar problem and this improved things dramatically ( but we had a selective pallet that wa

Through-hole/SM mix

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 12 14:19:03 EDT 2001 | David Brink

Steve Often solder mask is the only solution but in many cases there is enought space between smt and thru-hole to utilize a component masking wave solder pallet. The advantage to a pallet is consistancy of results and excellent protection of masked

Re: Wave solder Carrier

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 01 12:04:46 EST 2000 | JohnW

Adam, Didn't we do this already?, check the archives, I've discussed rotational carriers before. You can use them fo setting up an designing the pallet but you can't use them for mass prouction, for one your waisting valuable pallet space, for anoth

Solder Mask for Wave Rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 22 14:16:22 EDT 2020 | rgduval

We prefered kapton tape to peelable mask, though, there is added time/effort to taping the boards, then removing the tape (if it's done hot, it can go pretty quickly). If you're at a volume where manual masking/mask removal is too time consuming, co

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