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Via spacing

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 08:43:20 EST 2019 | scotceltic

What are people using out there for minimum spacing between vias ? We recently came across a PCB manufacturer that wants us to increase our spacing due to their process. Below is our current spec. that we follow. Spacing between via pad to via pad o

Wave soldering SMT component spacing

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 18:54:21 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

PTH to SMT spacing should be 80-100 thous. any closer will result in bridging. Scott

IPC Requirements for pad spacing reduction

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 10:27:22 EST 2004 | Roxy Kendall

The pad spacings are 20 mills. I can send you a picture.

Min spacing for land patterns from PCB edge

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 20 16:53:32 EDT 2008 | guhansub

Min spacing will be 0.75'' on all the 4 edges

SMT Printing Stencil Storage

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 29 14:34:35 EDT 2022 | emeto

Space saver frame takes same space as Vector Guard.

Board Spacing

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 20 12:22:51 EDT 2005 | jdengler

Russ is correct, but you may have variations between board density types also. Some ovens may be able to handle low density boards with no spacing, but need a zone's worth of spacing for high density boards. Other ovens don't need any spacing for a

Spacing and Yield

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 10:11:26 EDT 2001 | jstarkweather

What is the tightest spacing that you have assembled 0201 components? Under what assembly scenarios did you produce the best/worst yield at this spacing?

Board Spacing

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 20 11:56:07 EDT 2005 | russ

Depends on the oven I have found, I had one oven that required about an entire zone for spacing while another I found that I could put them in back to back with minimal or no spacing.

Problems with space space saver stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 29 12:35:53 EST 2005 | james

Has anyone else had problems with the space saver stencils and frames. The stencil tends to bow in the middle when clamped. These are the frames with only 2 pins to hold the stencil in place. Thanks for any advice

Wave Solder question

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 11:58:48 EDT 2012 | rway

Chris, > > If the short in the picture is parallel > to the wave turning the board 90Deg will solve > the issue. Because then the lagest spacing will > face the wave parallel and the smallest space > perpendicular. Yes, good point Patrick. H

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