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Zero flux or paste spattering?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 10 10:28:06 EST 2004 | tommy

Is it possible to have zero flux or paste spattering for all smt reflow pcbs. We are seeing around 0.4% of flux spattering and looking forward to zero defect.

Zero flux or paste spattering?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 12 11:51:15 EST 2004 | Hussman

I don't believe you'll get an exact zero flux with no-clean pastes. Water soluable yes, but I don't see it happening with no-clean; at least not this year. As for spatter, you should be able to control this. Can you define what you call "spatter"?

Re: NC Flux Splattering

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 13:09:30 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

Yes, a flux with a fast wetting rate will be more prone to have spattering. Fluxes with high boiling point solvents are also more prone to have spattering, if the same flux is fast in wetting rate.

Zero flux or paste spattering?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 14 06:42:38 EST 2004 | tommy

We see spattered(spitting of flux or solder to nearby area) solder/flux on gold fingers.We view the gold fingers area under 30x before reflow and it is cleaned but after reflow we see flux droplets or solder on gold fingers. We tried to changed a new

0402 chip capacitor with solder spatter

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 11:25:22 EDT 2007 | davef

For the problem part, describe the pads on the board and the aperatures on the stencil.

Longer soak time and reflow time impact Solder on Au pad?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 10:03:30 EDT 2000 | KS Wong

Hello, I am looking for input on the 7 zone convectional reflow oven on the temperature profiling. I having a problem with the flux/solder spattering on the Au cotact fingers. I have ran some experiment with the soak time and reflow time. Anyway,

0402 chip capacitor with solder spatter

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 10:44:29 EDT 2007 | Jacky

Hi All, Recently, we encountered strange defect at our SMT line. We can see solder ball spatter around at one of the component pad. This lead to insufficient solder defect at 1 side of the component. The other side of the component look good(Meet

Solder Paste Flux %

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 13 10:28:29 EDT 2005 | andymackie

I've had a lot of experience with solder spatter. It's usually related to moisture (humidity) uptake by the paste, or outgassing from plating: particularly Au/Ni. Solder spatter from the plating will change from board-vendor to board-vendor. I shoul


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 16:25:35 EST 2002 | bentzen

Hi Yannick A lot of things can cause solder balls and spattering. Such as a to steep preheat profile and to much solder present. Check out more info on: http://www.smtinfocus.com/smt_failure_list.html

Zero flux or paste spattering?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 14 08:28:46 EST 2004 | davef

Search the fine SMTnet Archives for background on solder on gold fingers. As we recall: * Paste selection * Proper reflow recipe tuning ... are important.

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