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Sep 20, 2013 |

I've Heard It All Now

Jun 13, 2013 | It sounds like they are referring to Low-Pressure molding, which was designed specifically to encaps

Solder void underneath the mosfet

Mar 25, 2010 | Hello Rajeshwara, If not mistaken, the 25% solder void specification is for BGA...As I I as know,

Pin hole

Mar 10, 2010 |

raised component measurement

Sep 18, 2009 | Does anyone have any off-the-shelf tool for measuring air gaps under components? Specifically to me

100% solder coverage

Sep 14, 2007 | That is inherent issue with lead free, you may want to ask your customer to reconsider this specific

PCB Array Designs

Jun 6, 2007 |

Panasonic Panasert MV2F model NM-2858/NM-2859

Mar 5, 2007 | Dear all, I would like to know where can i find the specific models on the internet. If possible, i


Jul 26, 2005 | Hi, It really depends on what your measuring. If it's water, then that has a specific gravity of


May 12, 2004 | You say you have lots of problems with a BGA, tell us about: * Specific problems you see. * Solder


Apr 18, 2004 |

Dry Box

Nov 11, 2003 | John; Our company supplies Dry Boxes specifically deisgned for the electronics manufacturing envi

New web site

Sep 26, 2003 |

Where do I Start?

Sep 24, 2002 |

Alternate to X-Ray

Jun 18, 2001 |

Incoming Water Quality

Jun 11, 2001 | Are there incoming rinse water quality standards - specifically maximum concentrations of magnesium

BGA rework profile help

Jun 6, 2001 | It�s hard to tell you one good profile for a specific machine cause profiles are mainly dependent on

Scored Panel Depth

May 21, 2001 | Hello All, Can anyone tell me if there is a specification for the required depth for a scored se


Apr 12, 2001 | Profiles design is primarily determined by oven geometry, paste specifications and component thermal

Pallet Maintenance

Mar 13, 2001 |

Pallet Maintenance

Mar 12, 2001 |

Placement accuracy

Feb 6, 2001 |

PCB Thickness tolerances

Jan 30, 2001 | I think that tolerance of pcb thickness is described in the �1-2-4 of IPC41-01 (Specification for Ba

Poor wetting to palladium

Jan 29, 2001 | Several points about your query are: * TI�s solderability protection specification is a minimum

Forced air drying after aqueous cleaning

Nov 8, 2000 | I know there must be a specification for this but I don't know what it is. What is the maximum psi s


Nov 3, 2000 | Fuji makes production equipment that requires programming to assemble specific products. Run a sear

Pin Paste

Sep 22, 2000 | I am looking for information regarding reflow specifications for through hole comonents using pin &

BGA faults

Aug 25, 2000 | Is it board specific? If so I used a piece of sheet metal between the board and the heaters to corre


Aug 22, 2000 | With the introduction of new lead-free alloys and higher temperatures to meet their specifications,

SMT Process FMEA

Jul 26, 2000 |

SMT Process FMEA

Jul 26, 2000 |

AOI recommendations

Jul 13, 2000 |

DFM / DFT information

Jul 11, 2000 | Hi folks, Does anyone have any recommendations and suggestions as to where I could find specific in

HASL Plating Thickness

Jun 28, 2000 | Does anyone know what the min-max plating thickness for HASL is? Is there a specification that defin

HASL Plating Thickness

Jun 28, 2000 | Does anyone know what the min-max plating thickness for HASL is? Is there a specification that defin

Capillary Underfill process

Used SMT Equipment