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Placement Force

Feb 8, 2013 |

What is the best Low Volume Reflow System

Feb 7, 2013 | This is good information but I had hoped to get specific manufacture and/or model infomation on equi

Void control

Oct 11, 2012 |

Capacitor marking

Sep 6, 2012 |

IP3 special program

Aug 3, 2011 |

ISOLA 410 laminate

Jun 1, 2011 | Hi Aj, for the most part we have gotten away from calling out specific material and instead calli

solder paste printing

Jan 28, 2011 |

What machine would you buy?

Jan 15, 2011 | That’s a pretty general statement. You would need more specifics to make a good choice. The question

Peel Back Force

Aug 25, 2010 | We've been breaking the cover tape on components from a specific supplier. I am curious what the st

Wave Soldering Crystals

Feb 2, 2010 | I just realized that I should've been more specific. (My question was certainly open ended) I'm conc

SMT Equipment Market

Nov 24, 2009 |

Gluing Quality Issue !!!

Nov 12, 2009 |

Researching placement machines - where do I start?!

Nov 6, 2009 | Veering back over to table-top stuff, any comments on the APS Novastar models? Specifically, the LE


Apr 6, 2009 |

Graphite/Carbon deposit on PWB ( any Industrial Specs?)

Mar 5, 2009 | There is no IPC specification on carbon ink. Consider talking to your ink supplier to develop the

PCB Burned after reflow?

Mar 5, 2009 | Solder mask requirements: * IPC-6012 and IPC-SM-840 contain detailed specifications and information

No-clean, water-based flux residues after wave...

Feb 4, 2009 | Your specification for all PCB suppliers of 'solder mask over bare copper using LPI on external laye

TSOP lead deformation (help)

Jan 26, 2009 | Questions are: * Can you use the part fabricator's specification of lead coplanairity as the basis


Jan 20, 2009 |

Bottom side adheasive

Dec 9, 2008 |

Xray - Site Environmental & Safety Requirements

Nov 19, 2008 | Hi aj, The X-ray vendors can probably give you more specific info for your loaction. They have t

SMT Job Changeover Software?

Nov 3, 2008 | I would contact the manufacture of your machine. I believe this is usually pretty machine specific.

Qualifying a new SMT automated assembly line

Oct 13, 2008 | Hi, I would like to ask if there's a guideline/specification on what is needed to qualify a new S

OSP coating verification

Sep 29, 2008 | We are having problems with a specific lot of boards wave soldering. I need a way to prove the boar

SAC105 vs. SAC305

Sep 18, 2008 |

problem in solderability

Aug 31, 2008 |

LINEAR VOLT REG Polarity diagonally opposite

Aug 8, 2008 | On a specific shop order we face the trouble of wrong polarity for LINEAR VOLT REG. This is happene

AOI false fail PPM

Aug 7, 2008 | First all, you must define the specific defects that you wanted to screen out by your AOI system bas

Time and temp in lead and lead-free reflow

Jul 25, 2008 | What paste are using? You should referance the manufactures time and temperature specification. Runn

Non-heated dispensing system

Large PCB Dispensing System